New player looking for some friends or a group

Pretty new and loving it. Looking for some friends to play with. Mic required. I’m an adult and expect the same. See ya on BB. Psn : Steel-Rain99

PSN request sent.

You may be interested in this…

You’ll get a request from me tonight. I’m glad you asked for mic players. I can’t stand that no one else seems to use a mic. The games go much smoother when we can talk to each other.

What time zone are you in?

Sounds good I apologize that I am out at my parents camp until the 1st and will probably accept on the 2nd and play then. I am eastern time zone.

Also I am still looking for more friends so feel free to add me if you are an adult or mature and has a mic. Psn Steel-Rain99

If we’re doing mic only, count me in! PSN: Izaleu

Hit me up anytime i’m online psn genocidejack86

psn request sent, anyone else that would like to add me feel free too psn is lordzippy585