New Player - question on droprates, etc

Hello all - I am a new player (started playing BL2 a few months ago) and I have recently hit 50 on Amara (currently only guardian rank 50). I play solo mostly and tried TVHM before realizing I had a better chance at loot playing"normal" on Mayhem 2.
I see about 1-2 legendaries every 2-3 hours. Sometimes fewer drop depending on what I’m doing. When I was farming Mother this morning I got 2 out of about 12 kills - both useless for my spec, but…not bad considering what I’ve seen overall. When I’m mobbing or questing it’s hit or miss the entire time. I thought I read of a recent drop rate nerf but I’m wondering if this is “normal” drop rate for mayhem 2 or if I should solely spend my time farming graveward (takes anywhere from 5-10 min a kill for me :frowning:.
Anyway, loving the game, and would love to have some pointers, etc.
Xbox Gamertag: TNEWP78

I play hardcore and right now i have no characters farming mayhem so i dont know if the changes affect the drop rates that much, but you can search in youtube for farming guides, i used to have more than 20 legendaries per hour playing it slow. You have to keep in mind that if your build takes 10 mins to kill graveward then you dont have an optimal build for farming, even with bad gear you should be able to finish it in 2 or 3 mins if your build is optimized, so maybe start there instead of changing farming places, faster kills means faster drops.

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I’ve been watching videos of people farming everything and have seen a few build videos for Amara - however each one seems to req. a specific legendary(ies) for optimization (i.e. phasezerker).
I am currently spec’d mostly for damage and, depending on mayhem modifiers, mobs are going down quickly or…immune to everything lol.

Here’s my build right now:

Also - what are you playing? TVHM? Normal? Curious as to how you are getting so many legendaries :smiley:

yeah what character are you playing as. Zane is currently the weakest. The other 3 are up for debate i think with the right gear/build amara is top dps but not totally sure. So yes with a good build a lot of even sub par gear can make farming/grinding out gear a cake walk in the base game. It does become a bit harder on mayhem 3 on TVHM and even another step up when doing any of the “slaughter” arena’s aka current endgame. Some gear i highly recommend keeping your eye out for are my current top ten picks.

  • Lucians Call - Assault Rifle
  • Cutsman - SMG
  • Lyuda - Sniper Rifle “personal favorite for farming graveward”
  • Laser-Sploder - Assault Rifle
  • Night Hawkins - SMG
  • Flakker - Shotgun
  • Hex - grenade “try to get recurring”
  • Crossroad - SMG
  • Brainstormer - Shotgun
  • Hellwalker - Shotgun
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oh also if you go and complete all of zero’s kill challenges he gives you lyuda i recommend doing that after hitting lvl 50 on any character

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In progress on that one :slight_smile:

Chiedo informazioni riguardo borderlands3 , ho trovato a skywell una sfera volante strana che ha lasciato un oggetto arancione di nome BOTTIGRAMMA ! da consegnare ad Earl una volta fatto non è successo nulla !! è un bug? scrivendo il nome su google non appare nulla per me è incredibile!!!
someone can help me? please

Yes - that gets turned in to Earl for a chance at his legendaries

I switched over to melee/phaseslam and went back to Mayhem 1. Things are melting.
I have the redundant face smasher and a slam relic. No brawler shield yet but things looking up…