New player questions

In TVHM I must have been under powered as I found the far right ammo supply the place to hang out. Jump up on the scaffolding and nothing would touch me. Sniped from there.
In UVHM, I was just fine weapon wise for full out assault.

Very nice! Worked like a charm - just did WEP with Maya in TVHM, and the fight was completely trivial. Didn’t even take any shield damage. I’d point that blue arrow about four pixels to the right of where it is, but close enough. :grinning: Thanks!

Out of curiosity, do Tumbaa & Pimon only occasionally show up on the map? In four visits I’ve only seen them once. Though I always do that open area from up on the road so I don’t have the greatest view. I doubt named enemies would die from walking into a cloud kill from some other stalker or skag I shot. Seems like the hardest part of that challenge is getting the targets to show up, unless I’m missing something…

Looking ahead, how does Maya’s massive damage gimmick against BNK3R/Saturn work? Does it require 10/5 Chain Reaction and/or a Pimpernel? I don’t really understand why Chain Reaction would do anything special in those fights, but I’ve seen videos that seem to one-shot the boss. Saturn probably isn’t practical, since Ruin would kill the skag pup almost instantly (I’m guessing that one’s a UVHM trick). A fast takedown of BNK3R would be entertaining though.

Yes - they’re a random spawn (kind of like loot midgets or chubbies/tubbies.) You won’t get them to spawn every time, but they sure make things interesting when they do! I’ve had them show up when farming the Doctor’s Orders quest - they’ll actually come into the building at times.

Yes! It’s a pretty rare spawn, imo. I’d estimate that they’ve spawned 5-10% of my runs through WEP.

EDIT: Ninjas strike when you least expect them. Such as @VaultHunter101

You can aggro the bots in the scrapyard to come at you. They can handle a PL without dying.

Take a look at this guide!

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Nobody expects the vault hunting Ninja!

On the Chain Reaction thing: I’ve seen a video of that done against Bunker in UVHM, although it was using something other than a Pimpernel (corrosive Sandhawk or CC maybe?), and it tore right through the beast. Pretty impressive!

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Sigh. Motor Momma, UVHM, level 52, wtf?!?

The only way I could get her off her bike was exploiting the safe spot at the entrance while she aimlessly circled in the distance, spending all my sniper ammo on long boring sequences of Ruin, then a couple of shots on her next circuit, repeat. Trying to fight inside the arena led to a very quick death with no second winds available (the bikes didn’t show up until much later).

Once she’s off the bike, how in the world is the player supposed to have a chance of taking her down? It’s not clear that she can be slagged since she never changes to the full-body purple color one usually sees on slagged enemies. Her shield is absurdly huge as well. I last for about a minute before dodging and running away fails (as the saying goes, she only has to get lucky twice, I have to get lucky every time…) and my Vladof shock Spinigun gets through half the shield at best. Plus whatever Ruin actually does on her, which does not seem to be much. Couldn’t afford to try Tesla grenades since I was throwing Transfusions to try to stay up longer.

Looking at youtube, the only UVHM video that came up had a level 61 Maya taking down her shield with a shock Sandhawk (and he still died once). Is this a fight that requires absolute top of the line gear? Mine is not bad by the standards I’m used to - everything is at least level 50, most of it 51. But only the fire plasma caster is on the Top Gear list (or even close) and that’s not relevant until Motor Momma’s shield drops. And I didn’t get anywhere near that far… This is the kind of thing I’d expect of a raid boss, not a story mission boss (I gather Pete the Invincible is quite a different fight from the Pete I killed, for example). :frowning:

The respawns on the route down to the arena were extremely unhelpful as well, but weren’t a decisive factor on any death. The times they dropped me, they also provided second winds. Just referencing the other thread recently regarding respawns, as a concrete example of when they’re annoying. :smiley:

I guess next stop Hammerlock DLC, to see if Maya can finish that one. If not, Krieg and either Sal or Zero will have to take on those two DLCs in NVHM.

MM was supposed to have been a raid boss, which might account for the difficulty in taking her down, but I’d suggest that if you don’t have the shock weapons at a high enough level to try to take down her shields then try explosive- and there is a Torgue sitting right there next to the other vending machines. Who knows what might pop up to assist you? :slightly_smiling:

You’re also at the worst spot in the difficulty curve of the game: You just got out of TVHM and don’t have better gear than what you had while you were there…but you also don’t have the extra skill points additional levels give. UVHM levels 50 to about 60 is the hardest part of the game by far.


She definitely takes slag. You’re hiding out where I typically do while soloing. As mentioned, shock for the shield. Also corrosive for the bike(s) and fire for everything else, but TORGUE ROCKS! Don’t forget that you can always farm Savage Lee and Boll in Three Horns for Unkempt Harold and Fastball, and there are lots of red crates around with a good chance for e-tech plasma casters.

He could also farm the Torgue vendor that’s right next to her arena entrance as well- maybe they had a feeling it would come in handy :wink: And @Worblehat- the Lady Fist was given an upgrade a few years back in the Community Day Loot Hunt- it now has an 800% crit damage bonus. Once you get his helmet off landing those crits with any weapon (but especially the Lady Fist) will speed up the process…

Are you talking Moto Mama or Pete here? For Moto Mama you should respawn near the entrance, no? For Pete, if you respawn inside the bar (which you should do), you should be able to quickly dash back to the arena (as long as you don’t shoot or melee anyone along the way.)

As a general tip, I will (1) pick up a vehicle as close to a fast travel or new-u as possible and (2) park said vehicle close to the arena/location as possible. That way, if I die and respawn I can (3) dash to the Catch-A-Ride and teleport directly to the waiting vehicle, cutting down on travel time. Works great at Doc Mercy’s lair, for example.

There’s a water tower of sorts just to your left when you enter the arena. After Motor Mama’s off her bike, you can shoot her through that tower, while her rockets cannot get through it. In this manner, you can kite her around the structure until she drops; just be forewarned that ammo can become an issue if you’re not ready. So have plenty of options available to you before you head in.

I usually have good success by running back into the entrance area once shes activated. It seems to have some good cover areas where I don’t seem to take much damage and will use a sniper and other weapons to take her down

Yes, I farm them extensively in my games. In fact I have several toons just for that in all game modes. As for their drop rates that varies. There has been times I get 3 legends in one WEP run and other times when 10 runs produces nothing, mainly just RNG and how lucky you feel that night

[quote=“LunaticOne, post:96, topic:1155482”]I usually have good success by running back into the entrance area once shes activated.[/quote]Yeah, this is what I do. In lower levels, where her shots might not drop you in one hit, I might go toe to toe with her in the arena, but in UVHM, I find no shame in peppering her from behind cover, slowly kiting her out of the arena, hammering her with rockets and grenades while I’m still safely in range of the vending machine and can refill that ammo easily.

Motor Momma. It wasn’t an issue with me respawning, it was the trash mobs on the way down to the arena who respawned. As I kited her back away from the arena I ended up taking lots of fire from behind me. I think MM hit her tether distance while I was re-killing all those guys, since I had to go back and start over with her afterwards. Ideally, I’d have kept one alive for phaselock Wreck-fodder, but I didn’t think of that until after. And I think Ruin can kill these guys by itself so it would only be one phaselock worth of Wreck anyway.

The one she wanders around after you die? OK, I had read something about using that as a rocket barrier that one can shoot through, but thought that was for the vehicle phase (which worked spectacularly badly of course). Circle-kiting her around that once she’s on foot makes more sense, I can definitely see how that could work well! Thanks!

According to, explosive is the third-worst damage type to use against shields. I do have a nice blue Torgue AR (the chest up behind the billboard near the Crater’s exit to the Beatdown has been extremely generous so far) but unless I misunderstand something, my shock spinigun, non-elemental Vladof AR, and slag Blaster would all be better for anti-shield duty. And likewise the non-elemental Lady Fist if I thought I could keep it on her head while dodging like a maniac, which I don’t. Or is the splash damage from explosive enough to overcome the 0.8 multiplier? I can’t think why else explosive might be competitive with non-elemental or slag for this.

I’m not nearly to the point where Torgue tokens are useful - could redo the DLC in NVHM to farm them I guess. But I only have 40-some tokens right now which can’t buy anything.

Re: Lady Fist, indeed, my level 50 Lady Fist is very nice, and that’s how I killed story-mode Pete. He eventually got close enough to knock me into FFYL, but the Lady Fist got me up a fraction of a second before I would have died. Not well executed on my part, but for a first attempt I’ll definitely take it! :stuck_out_tongue: I see why there’s a quickchange station in Pete’s bar - respeccing to remove Chain Reaction and Converge would have helped keep the spiderants alive for an easy second wind or more Wreck damage on Pete.

Re: loot midget drop rates - through four complete playthroughs (two each NVHM and TVHM) my lifetime total from midgets is three items. Level 25 Gub, level 27 KerBlaster, level 40 Bonus Package. All from Maya - Axton never found anything (well, death; he found a lot of death from those dudes).

So is the recommended procedure to just focus on the core game a third time until hitting the 60s, and only then visit the remaining DLCs? That’s a bit frustrating. The thought of “I can finally do these DLCs once I no longer have to worry about overleveling TVHM!” was a big carrot getting me through TVHM. But it is what it is, and especially in Maya’s case the extra skill points will be extremely beneficial.

I recommend explosive because there are few enemies that are resistant to it, and if the preferred weapons are either under leveled or unavailable you might as well give it a shot- literally :smile: Speaking just for myself I can say that I only did the first 2 dlc while in normal with each character and only Tiny Tina with Axton in TVHM during the Community Day Loot Hunt- I got the Grog Nozzle as a drop from the Gold Golem that day :grin: Since all the dlc reset when you start a different play mode you might as well wait until UVHM to play them, unless you want some of the quest items to start UVHM with…

How exactly does Jackenstein work? If anything I’m making less progress on it than I was on Motor Momma last week. :frowning: I understand that I’m supposed to destroy the big capacitors on its back, but I just spent about 700 rounds of assault rifle ammo on them to no effect. Endless blurs of “critical” and damage numbers, very small movement of Jackenstein’s health bar, but the one I was focusing on was not destroyed, no phasing to the loader part of the fight, just eventual death when Jackenstein got multiple hits on me close enough together. And naturally there’s nothing to Second Wind on.

The wiki says “Jackenstein’s capacitors are immune to all forms of elemental damage, including explosive damage” so I used my least-inaccurate non-elemental gun (green Vladof assault rifle, normal barrel not a spinigun). I also saw a youtube video where the guy used a shock Anarchist to blow the capacitors off very quickly, so I did a run using my shock pistol (not an Anarchist, but Hyperion-barreled Vladof, blue quality). Again no perceptible effect on Jackenstein.

Is this another fight where you need top-quality gear to even stand a chance? If fire or corrosive worked, I do have quite good guns, but apparently they’re not relevant to this fight. (Well, the Hornet would do nicely against the loaders, if I could get that far). Or is there some sort of trick that I’m missing so far that would actually let me destroy those capacitors?

My fondness for Maya is taking a serious hit lately. She’s absolutely amazing in any fight where she can phaselock something. Unfortunately most boss fights do not fall in that category, so she’s pretty useless against them. Motor Momma, Jackenstein; had a surprising amount of trouble with Rakkanoth; Arizona was really tedious.

Jackenstein is a PITA to deal with IMO, I never liked this fight :frowning:

What ? That’s bogus! Once again the Wiki is full of it (@Gulfwulf another place where the wiki needs some love)

In my experience, shock deals a lot of damage but I don’t have proof of anything.
Just keep at it…it’s a tough fight, one that I don’t do for fun.
Maybe your gear is underleveled ?

Maya’s strength is mobbing, bosses are a harder command for her, especially those where you can’t phaselock anything. All the characters have weaknesses, and bosses are Maya’s. I wouldn’t call her useless though, there is plenty you can still do without phaselock.

My experience with the capacitors is the same. My fastest Jackenstein take-downs have been with a Storm (shock sniper); I’ve also used a shock Rubi, shock plasma caster, and various corrosives on the capacitors. The main thing is to make sure you hit the darn things, and don’t end up sending bullets back at yourself!

The Storm is really effective on J.'s critical spot once the capacitors are off, due to it’s mode of action. Also, quasars (or Teslas or Storm Fronts). Lots and lots of them.

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Ruin will give a bit of a hit, and drop some slag on the target, even if it won’t phaselock. Well-targetted Scorn can got you places too. With both M.Momma and J. there are things you can phaselock to get Wreck and Elated working for you. I don’t remember Rakkanoth, but Arizona went down pretty fast for me. It’s those enemies that make or break you based more on your current gear/COM/relic combination than your build (although the build still contributes.)

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