New player to Battleborn how is it on PC?


I just got the game on PC because I liked the MOBA/FPS aspect.
My question is how is the game on PC? Are there servers available (Im in EU) or is the population low?
What are some good characters to play at the moment?

Thanks for the info!

I’m not sure what the population is like in the EU, but if you find it to be a bit low you can always change your Steam download location in the settings so you can play on the NA servers where there are enough people to play with.

Depending on your luck you may be paired up against some newer players like yourself, veteran players like myself or a mix of the two. Some of the vets are pretty chill and will take it easy on you while others can be real jerks and will try and stomp you into the ground.

It may help you to find some people to play with here or on the unofficial Battleborn Discord found here.

Good characters to start with? If you want something familiar if you’re used to a lot of FPS games then Oscar Mike will be good. Rath is a good choice if you suck at aiming and want to try your hand at melee. Marquis is good if you like sniping. Miko is a good choice if you like support.

I recommend you play much PVE an really try alot of the heroes many times before jumping into the PVP aspect of the game. That way your more familiarised with many characters kits, pros and cons.
Hope you love it mate!

As far as i can say there are dedicated servers for the different regions. I’m playing on Xbox One Europe and the game seems to have enough players so i can find games in PvE & PvP no matter what daytime it is. I mostly play Incursion and story-missions, and it takes around 1-5 minutes until a game starts. I’ve seen alot of new players in the last 2 weeks on XBO.

On PC from all i read the situation is not so good, many ppl complained about the performance of the game, and the playerbase is very small. But i also read that it gets better lately. I don’t know anything how the game does on PS4.

I really can’t understand why Battleborn is so underrated and why so many game reviewers gave it bad reviews, because it has rich and deep gameplay with tons of love to the detail ( alone the story missions have multiple voice overs for alot of situations where dialogues are completely different , there is alot of crazy & funny situational voice acting in PvE & PvP ), it has cooperative story-missions you can grind, it has levels, gear and 3 pvp modes, the graphics-style and voice-overs are so good it all fits perfectly together, there are tons of interesting heroes … and more content is on its way.

So try the game and don’t give up too fast, all games with deep gameplay have a steep learning curve.

Best regards.

The PC situation is abysmal. You are looking at 500-800 peak players daily, and dropping by the week.

The ELO system is completly nonexistant with such a dementially low playerbase, and the matchmaking algorythm has been stupid since the beginning of this game, so expect that most of your games are you and a bunch of lowbies vs a bunch of veterans, oftenly on a premade.

And while it isnt the majority, there are quite a bunch of premades running that exclusively prey on lowbies and do their best to stomp them

Honestly? Ask for a refund if you are still eligible for one

it’s like this

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Thanks for the replies :slight_smile:

Yea I see that the player base on PC isnt that great but I hope to make some friends to play together soon.

I like the game and hope the playerbase picks up, I think they just need to advertise more because the game is mostly unheard of and overshadowed by Overwatch.