New player. What about the DLCs?

Hello everyone!
I just started playing the, game a couple of days ago (I know, I’m 5 years late…) and so far I’m loving it.
So I see there’s a lot of DLC content for this game, and I was wondering if there was any particular DLC or expansion I should buy in order to get the ‘complete experience’ or am I good to go with the base game until I finish the story? I’m only level 19.


The two main ones you should get are Ultimate Vault Hunter upgrade packs one, and two. Pack two also includes The Raid at Digistruct Peak, and the OP levels which there are 8 of total. I would also suggest getting all four campaign DLC packs if possible, those being (in no particular order) Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep (the best of the bunch in my opinion), Mister Tourge’s Campaign of Carnage, Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt, and Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty, as all of them are great, and allow access to some of the best weapons in the game such as the sandhawk, and interfacer. When it comes to headhunter packs there is only one must have one in my opinion, and that is How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day for farming the train chests.


Thanks a bunch for the answer!
I’ll keep an eye on those particular DLCs and most likely eventually grab them if the game keeps my interest after I’m done with the main story.

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[quote=“Gunther, post:1, topic:1553850”]I know, I’m 5 years late…[/quote]It’s never too late. :slight_smile:

[quote=“Gunther, post:1, topic:1553850”]and so far I’m loving it.[/quote]How far into the game are you?

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Salvador level 19, my first playthrough :slight_smile:

which system? need some company?

I’m playing on PC. I was going to play the first playthrough alone so I can play at my pace and mearn the basics, and then start with the co-op.
Is this is a bad idea? I’m still not sure about the way the endgame works in BL2.

Yeah level packs are definently your best bet to start it. Then you could get to 72 and get pearlescents. However if you are looking for CONTENT as in gameplay and you don’t plan on going maxed out personally Id start with tiny tinas assault on dragon keep. In my opinion thats the best dlc and there is great loot to be found there aswell


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Not at all! My first and foremost recommendation to new players is to take it slow, to get a feel for how things work. Which guns you like… which skill build to go with… which tactics work… and so on. Don’t be afraid to try different things! If you get stuck somewhere, there’s a bunch of people here who has been playing the game since day 1, and who will gladly help you out in any way they can.

Good luck, mate, and welcome! :acmaffirmative:


Thanks guys! I’m doing a little bit of research on those DLCs, and I’ve noticed that most expansion packs scale up to level 30ish. What if I play that content and I’m level 50? Won’t that be too easy?

Very easy though getting to 50 without entering TVHM is impossible unless someone powerlevels you. If you are playing it in TVHM, then it will be pretty standard.


You’re in normal mode now- normal is up to level 35 (this is based of the loot limit that raid bosses spit out- Terramorphous is the exception to this- in both normal and TVHM [more on this in just a bit] his level, and loot level, is 50). Depending on what dlc you play and how many times you play a particular area you could reach at least level 37 by the time you finish normal. The next game mode you unlock after you finish the main game is True Vault Hunter mode (aka TVHM). This caps out at level 50, although- again, depending on what dlc you do and how often you run them- you could finish TVHM at level 52-55. Once you finish the main game in TVHM you unlock Ultimate Vault Hunter mode (aka UVHM). This goes up to level 72 if you have the 2 level upgrade packs (which you will if you bought The Handsome Collection, aka THC). The second level upgrade pack also includes the Overpower levels unlocked by completing Digistruct Peak but don’t worry- that’s still a ways off…:grin:

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The game content repeats on 3 cycles, Normal, True, and Ultimate Vault Hunter modes (of which the last can be replayed infinitely) so even if you are over leveled for a DLC on normal or true, you can just do it on the next cycle (ultimate always scales to your level). So that means you don’t have
to worry about the DLC’s for the moment and you can just enjoy your first playthrough. I didn’t start getting the DLC’s till level Forty or so on my second or third character (I took two to the mid thirties first before I found my fave char that I then took all the way till max level) and I didn’t miss anything.

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Buy ALL the DLCS!!! except the skins. ■■■■ the skins. Wait…

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[quote=“Gunther, post:7, topic:1553850”]Is this is a bad idea?[/quote]It’s the best idea.

As was mentioned above, the game has three+ modes (Normal, True, Ultimate, and the Overpower levels). Here’s what the end of each of these is like (someone correct me if I’m wrong about any of these - it’s been a long time since I spent time in some of these):

  • Normal - once missions are complete, they’re not available any longer, but the maps will still be populated with the local mobs, and you can always farm bosses if that’s your thing.

  • True - same as normal, but if you’re considering stepping into UVHM, you will want to time your transition well. UVHM, as it’s meant to, will kick your ass if you’re not ready.

  • Ultimate - this mode includes the ability to reset the missions (all story and side missions get reset together whenever you want). If you do this, you start over at the beginning with your existing skill and gear set, and make your way through Pandora all over again. Enemies will also scale to you here. If you level up and try to go back to steamroll some early map looking for weaklings, they’ll be on your level.

  • Overpower - these are levels above UVHM, but the end game is still the same. As you unlock each of the 8 Overpower levels, you get the ability to choose (whenever you start playing) what level you want to play at (basically from level 72 to 80, although your character will remain at level 72 in terms of skill points). As mentioned earlier, enemies will scale to whatever level you choose. So let’s think about what this implies.

If you get to OP8, for example, and have OP8 gear, you can choose to play at a lower OP level, and bring this gear with you. The enemies will scale down, but your gear won’t, and you will be stronger for it. Alternately, you can go back down to OP0, get a set of level 72 gear (in case you didn’t keep any of it), use it at OP8, and you will be weaker for it. This basically gives you an 8-layer difficulty slider, but you need the gear at the right level to make it work as you see fit.

What some of us do here is pick a level in the middle somewhere (say OP3), and farm up a set of OP3 gear. If I want “baseline” game difficulty, I play at OP3, and my weapons are on level with the locals. This gives me room to choose higher or lower difficulty by bringing this weapon set to bear against higher- or lower-level enemies.

It also lets me buff or nerf individual weapons somewhat. If my OP3 Railgun (for example) is not producing the damage I think it should, I include a higher-level one (whatever level produces the damage I want) in my OP3 weapon set… I just go to OP8 (for example), and farm one. Now in the context of my other weapons, this Railer is doing the damage I want it to while I choose which OP level to play for difficulty.

Does that make sense? It’s the best end game in a first-person shooter I’ve ever had the fortune to play, but the last ascent to OP8 is no joke. If you’re down to get there, we’ll be cheering you on the whole way.


Wow! Thanks guys for all the info and your support! I think it pretty much covers all I wanted to know. Just a couple of questions.

  1. Can you switch from one playmode to another? (From ultimate to true, for instance).
  2. Is there an active multiplayer community? I know it’s an old game, and everyone is most likely playing on higher levels, but still…


You can switch modes with a character but only once you get to the next mode- for example, if you manage to reach UVHM but want to do some BAR challenges, you can choose to start the game in normal mode, where as an UVHM character you’re basically invincible. As far as finding playing partners check the Steam community (if that’s how you got this game) or the PC Online Play and Trading section towards the end of the forum. I know there are some PC players here that might be willing to explore Pandora with you

  1. yes, once you beat the main story on one mode it unlocks the next. You can switch between unlocked modes from your character select screen.

  2. from what I understand, there’s still many players on all platforms. Joining random lobbies can be great (I’ve met awesome people doing this) or not so great (as there’s modders, those who use glitches to one shot everything, and people who don’t share loot). You can also post on the PC section of these forums to find co-op partners.

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I made a fresh character recently who is currently around 25ish (I forget exactly). You can add me on steam if you want to. I don’t play too often right now because my free time is a bit limited but I could hop into your game or vice versa if we happen online at the same time. I’ll PM you my Steam account.

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Sweet. I’ll add you later, as soon as I get home.
I usually don’t have much time to play either, and even though I kinda want to finish this first playthrough alone, I’m sure this game shines in co-op and I really want to try it!