New players game observations /improvements

This is my first time playing borderlands. As much as its nice to claim you have a billion different weapons…i find it kinda Overboard…just make 100 useful weapons
Ive currently got 14 character load outs each named as a weapon category because you are too stupid to have designed more banks space which after 10yrs of this game should’ve been a no brainer feature to be included at the release of this game and not months later…so rather then playing the game side missions and multiplayer games i have to play solo over and over and over and over…and its not because i like to hoard or collect…its because I’m new to the game and and I’m learning what weapons and rolls are good and how each rolls can be combined with skills to make a strong character build…I’ve already thrown stuff away only to find out later that it was essiential to a strong build… And who’s stupid decision was it to create even more terrified anointed weapons and not increasing the bank size at the same time.

Also as far as cash goes…not fan of it…sure it makes more sense in the beginning making it challenging to unlock stuff…but once I’m level 50 and making a zillion dollars its kinda just stupid even having it…stop making it cost money to respec and die etc

This game has done nothing but encourage me to play offline which is fine with me…you keep nerfing everything i enjoy using so i am force to play offline to play as i like…which I’m glad you are letting us do that…if i want to play like Superman offline that’s great but can understand other players being irritated if you are invincible and they aren’t in multiplayer.

And instead making your priority fixing major bugs and menu lags…you nerf…I’m assuming nerfing is easier then fixing bugs…game still crashes almost every time friend invites me to a game…more reasons to play offline

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Only 100 guns? Do you hear that?! He wants to take our guns away!

But in all seriousness, the idea of there being tons of guns is pretty integral to the entire concept behind the franchise, and even the genre of game it is. And the game is getting better, we just need to be patient.

Also, there is no need to call the devs stupid. Positive criticism here. Contribute to the game. That’s the only way it will get better.