New player's getting stomped (2cards)

Need to fix the start out (cards) for brand new players, Of phase 2 of this test I finished the training which is nice to get back in tune, The very first match i got stomped but bad, I have my shotty card and rocket, that’s it, The other player had four that i could see, maybe more. Maybe auto-correct a higher ranked player to play with the lower ranked player with only the “same weapons”. Then it is just skill against skill.
Take a game like CSGO would it fly if one team had rifles and the other had just knives.
after a couple round’s most would quit. (It need’s to start “fair” from the start).

I think new player’s wil play one maybe two games and after getting stomped but bad they will quit/delete.Just my take looking in from the outside.


I totally agree. I got tired of being beaten so bad that I got bored and quit. I made it to the third phase of training. I am not new to gaming, especially FPS, and found it quite difficult to stay interested in this game.