New players have huge wait times on PC despite 1,400 players. Forcing PVE?!

I just wanted to report what people on the Steam Forum are saying.

a 5v5 Bot match should not take long to find.

Furthermore, it seems a lot of people are uninstalling because they don’t want to play against the bots. Why in the world would you force new players to play against bots? The whole point of restricting the queue for new players to only play against new players was to avoid pubstomps, so there should be no reason to force bot matches.

New players would probably rather play against other new players.


Arent they only forced to play vs bots for like 2 or 3 games?

Bought the game about 3 weeks ago. If, back then, I had to wait till command rank 20 before I could play PVP, I definitely would not have got the game. As PVP is what I want to play, and do play.

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Good thing you don’t have to do that for the FTP then :slight_smile:

I think you are getting core elements of the FTP mixed up. You stay in the novice queue until CR 20. Novice queue is full PVP but keeps you from turning into a puddle of mush against the veterans.

You graduate from bots at like…level 2. Maybe 3

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maybe, probably. I guess I didn’t understand what they were saying in the stream, or they communicated it badly


As I understood new players of the Trial-Vesion only have to absolve a few Bot-matches, which are purely ment as training-matches.

Many games are structured in a way that you first have to play at least one round in a tutorial-mode, Prologue or trainingsession, I don´t see the big deal in that.

@jaden374 thanks for posting that image, I had´nt saw this yet. ( won´t load properly -.-)
I find it quiet reasonable, especially since it prevents pubstomping the new players from the very start.


Definitely makes more sense :slight_smile:

Still don’t completely agree with the system, but that is much better than what I had in mind.

haha…I assure you - once you hit CR 20 and graduate from the Novice Queue, you will fully understand the logic.

Use that time wisely!


I’m already CR 20. I got there playing PVP, and I never felt it too difficult.

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Awesome :slight_smile:

You’ll fit right in then!!

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So either people are pissed off because they can’t play in non-novice queues and quit, or they get destroyed playing against other players and quit? Either way they wouldn’t have stayed.

I think this Novice introduction is a great idea to smooth things in.


You guys are missing the point. Look at the steam forums. People have a VERY low patience threshold. They go in, see they can only play bots, and leave. I’ve looked at the profile of some of the players complaining, and they clearly only played enough to get through the basic tutorial, to see they can only play against bots, and then just stopped playing completely.

By having a new player queue, they prevent pubstomping, which means there’s zero reason bot matches should be required.

Many people want to play against other people.

A tutorial, and forcing bot matches in a moba are two completely different things. Maybe some of you don’t mind it, but I know myself, and others, have zero interest in playing against bots.

It should be an option, not a requirement. If they didn’t have the new-player queue, then yes, bot matches should be mandatory, but I feel like these bot matches are irritating new players.

I think this was one of the biggest problems with Battleborn. They tried to do too much. They tried to make a single-player game, and a multiplayer game, and then failed at both. They should’ve just focused on one or the other.


Holy cow, if people can’t handle 1-2 bot matches these days… I’m really disappointed with people in general.


There’s a lot of games out there, and Battleborn takes up 44gb of space. If a game doesn’t hook someone in the first hour, they’ll likely never play it again.


Guys do we really even want players that play one bot battle and then leave in our community? All they’re going to do is be toxic and complain

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When I get it right a player has to play (not necessarily win) maximal 2 Bot-matches + the prologue to reach CR.3 and join open PvP.

If these players have experience with shooters & MOBA they´ll take about 10 minutes to win a Botmatch. On the contrary, if the players are inexperienced they might take 20minutes for a lost match, which still provides alot XP.

So, for good players, it will take about 30minutes gameplay to join open PvP. Not 1hour, not a couple of hours, not days.

It may be because I´m a rather patient person, but I don´t see that 30min gameplay are such a huge threshold.
If people are this much impatient, they maybe should consider to learn to be patient. After all it´s a trait we all have to learn, in order to solve simple life situations as this one.
Or they choose to play another game, which is completely okay.

At all, noone is forced. You can decide to play or not, to be patient or not, to pull through the 1-2 Botmatches or do´nt.


At cr10 novice versus removed and bots battle added… so 10 lvl of bots battle or is there a different que as normal ques aren’t added till 20

Nvm saw novice incursion or at least I hope it’s still an option at that point

Wondered the same… Maybe the first Bots (CR1-3) are not as evil? It could be they tuned down the AI first and introduce the (now) regular AI in the Bot-Battles at CR10?

The queue that’s removed by that is the novice bot queue. They can join regular bots battle after level 10, but still play the novice PvP modes.

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