New Playthrough cause why not

I’m looking to do a new play through of the game ill be a support siren and would like to find 2 or 3 vaults hunters to play through with me.If you have a mic its good but its not required

I was thinking about doing the same. If you hadn’t already that is…

Yeah I haven’t started yet what class will you be?

I’m not exactly sure. Maybe assassin. I don’t have any dlc though :confused:

Hey, add me on xbox: Ze Cool Batman. I havent decided which class yet but when we get all people in ill have it set. Lets play bro.

Hey add me Gt is CryonicStupdity

Cool beans :3 Mine is XxP4ndaN00dlexX

@p4nda_n00dlz @vhdnkaric hey im ready to start when ever you guys ares just message me and we can try to figure out a decent time

Send me a request


I’m going to start this weekend at 6 EST,4 MST, 10 GMT etc. If that time doesn’t work message me on XBL.

DisclosedBarrel from the UK, here. Msg GT: DisclosedBarrel
I can be anyone, I’m easy that way

Still looking to do it?

Looking for three more vault hunters to do a full playthrough. Must have all four of the main dlc and i would prefer if you had a mic but it is not necessary. message bobby94092 for an invite.