New ps4, can I transfer characters?

I just got a PS4 Pro for Christmas. I’m trying to figure out how to transfer my characters to the new PlayStation. Does anyone know if this is possible?

I believe so. If you are on Plus, go into the old PS, and upload your save files. When you set up the new PS, you should be able to download them onto the new system. Not 100% on this, but I belive that would work


Sounds good right? I did that, saved, uploaded my saved files, open the app, but no saved characters. When I first turned on the PlayStation the initial startup wanted to transfer data from an old PlayStation to the new one but I couldn’t do it at that point because I wasn’t attached to the internet, I had to set up the wireless. Now I can’t find that option to do it.

You can also use a flash drive to transfer the save files


That’s what I’ll try next… When I get home from work

Go Settings/ Application Saved Data Management/ Saved Data in System Storage