New purple icon

The Moxxtail icons are showing up in the same spot on screen, but I haven’t seen one yet with the same icon. And these are blue, not purple.

Still, could have something to do with it. There is a new echocast tab in the social menu. It’s not hidden away in the options anymore.

I’m thinking it is a bonus xp to guardian ranks for those that weren’t “capped” before this update so they can get to the new perks faster… I have yet to see this buff a single time on my main account but I got it on my alt who has no guardian rank. Also, grouped up w/ my roomie , he seems to gain GR a lot faster.

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I was level 5 guardian when I received it…

Could be. I jumped to level 57 super quick. 2 runs through M4 Takedown was all it took.

It’s been solved. It has to do with a minigame on sanctuary, and has only popped up now due to a bug. The minigame info was data-mined when the March 3rd update came out, but only started bugging with the new dlc update


Was hoping for a buff :frowning:

Ah, OK. Where did you see this?

Did seem the most likely idea. Was wondering if anyone without the icon had joined the game of someone WITH it, to see it they “contracted” the virus.

Yep, (redacted)


so it is a bug again…

(Redacted by PH)


Nice - where did you get this pic ?

@olivier_shady Just posted the link to the same article I grabbed that from.

Well that is not what I was expecting. :laughing:

Please stop posting links to datamined material. Thanks.

You’re joking right? This would never have been solved if it wasn’t data-mined, also there’s ways to keep info out of the code, and Gearbox wasn’t helping solve this at all.

If you check the FORUM RULES, they are pretty clear about this.

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Has anyone also gotten an abnormal amount of legendary drops since it showed up? Bc mine only showed up when a random joined my game and now I get legendary drops it seems all the time now?

Check the event description on - big boost in drop rates in co-op play for a bit. Enjoy!


Thanks I really appreciate it:)

I don’t know what IT means, but if IT appears you get more eridium from eridium crystalls. Normaly you get 4 or 5, if the icon away you get 15 - 20 crystalls so i think thats the only Thing that i can say IT have change by me

The legendary drop is normal so high i play 3 days make only Missions i get 200 legendarys with out farming bosses