New PVE mode idea

So i wasn´t sure if this should be in fan creations but i´ll put it in anyway
It should be PVE (and yes i don´t even need any story to that mode)
Just a mode where waves of enemies come until boss mobs come and then their advanced mode and more than one boss and in the end just their stats get higher
It would be a perfect mode to test out your PVE skills and your item skills
How well do you know all enemies and how well do you fight them
There isn´t even much to speak about just that I miss and potentially infinite mode where there are just enemies swarming
And maybe you could choose if the normal mobs should be Minions, varelsi, thrall, indigenous or a mix of them all
And help those 100% challenge farmer so they can farm certain enemies mroe specific :wink:

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Players have been asking for a horde mode for Battleborn since the game was in Early Access.


Thats true
But still i want to remind everyone about this^^

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Also it would be fun you can get just in this mode some special eleventh helix so you don´t fall off so soon
Like isic can level again his ultimate being endless etc.

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I like your idea, but as @Kaleidodemon already pointed out there were already countless topics, discussions and requests for various horde-mode or wave-mode ideas.

Just use the search function and search for “Horde Mode” and you´ll find loads of ideas in many threads.
(I wanted to provide related topics as always, but there are just so many that I could´nt decide which links to pick…)


still gonna let this topic be here as another friendly reminder to the devs :wink: but i´ll continue sharing my ideas in the bigger and older threads related to this idea :smiley:

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I searched out a bit more closely and most of the Horde-mode-topics are older than I expected…:sweat_smile:

When new related topics pop up I´ll direct the discussion here as long as they are similar enough.

I just bought the game (XB1) and after levelling up to to CR20 I’ve come to the conclusion that Battle Bots is WAY too easy, but jumping into arena without a full team usually (not always) sucks.

Last night I thought of this very same idea. Battleborn needs a Wave/Horde/Survival format. Call it Coliseum and have the option to defend or survive. Have all of the buildables availale. I know there is a defend mission where 5 waves (iirc) come out, but endless survival mode or even a 25-30+ levels would be amazing.

but first of all just saying i should write in older ones …
Just kidding :smiley:
Well atleast this can be of use now^^
maybe i´ll write down some more ideas the next days

I waa going to rewrite some of my ideas that I posted, but why do that when I can just link it. I would love to have a bigger team. A mode where all 30 BB are present. With the introduction of Bots Battle this seems more possible than before. When someone selects a huge party game, it would search for a group looking for a party. If no games are found than it would create a game and wait for, I dunno… 3 minutes? Before starting the game. Then however many players are in the party choose their Battleborn and the remaining BB are played by Bots. You could potentially be 1 player, 29 Bots or all the way up to 30 Players. Maybe put it down to 25 or something.