New PvP and PvE content

Do you plan to add new maps and heroes in the future?


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Welcome to the forums. Battleborn has had a bit of a struggle and we haven’t had confirmation on any new story missions, ops or new characters. On the bright side we do have a new pvp mode to look forward to and maybe new maps to go with it (they might retool existing maps). There are also some character reworks that I am very excited about! The more new players there are, the better the chances of getting new story and characters.


Thanks for the answer. I really hope for the development of the game. In Russia, we have many players who love it.



(Apologies in advance, can’t resist!)

In Soviet Russia, Battleborn plays YOU!

In all honesty, and more seriously, if NOTHING else, many months ago, they had promised us Supercharge PVP mode, a 3 vs 3 multiplayer mode on smaller maps.

I got frustrated almost daily thinking about how it seems there is (sadly!) a good chance that we may never get it BECAUSE, if you go into your PVP stats under Career in the Command Menu, they even have a Supercharge section listed in there!




I wouldn’t count on new PvP/PvE maps or new heroes. In earlier posts the devs stated that new heroes were a large cost and it’s unlikely the game is generating enough revenue to cover development of those. The game suffers from a lack of maps, but this clearly wasn’t a priority, as seen by new game modes using existing maps, and again they are unlikely to invest money in developing more. Some new game modes is likely all we will see at some point.



Ie, Supercharge just using selected chunks of Incursion / Meltdown maps with different goals / objectives and maybe some Varelsi / different Thralls & Bots thrown in?

They are going to add a new character! She’s a very squishy, rather slow, but bouncy melee character with a unique mechanic where she “marks” an enemy so that her melee can do more damage. As a perk, she also has a very inaccurate gun that she can use to kill runners and weaken targets from a distance. She’s very bad at wave clear, one of the worst, and is best used as a single target killer with her offensive lunging dash (for good connections only.)

Admittedly, they had to re-use some assets for her. And they ran out of character spaces so they had to remove someone else. BUT ENJOY



Oh yeah, I had forgotten about Akllem!

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It’s the Red Bar Observer!


@FlamesForAll, THANK YOU!! I wanted to make a Yakov Smirnoff “In Soviet Russia” joke yesterday, but i REALLY didn’t want to offend the OP…


@handsomecam @edensophia

King Arthur: O, flighty Lady of the boundless energy, deadly projectile thrower, and monstrous arm, who fights so nobly and tirelessly against endless opponents while suffering impeded mobility due to existing in a realm not your own, how are you called?

Red Bar Observer: There are those who call me…Mel.



I believe her name is Melaka.

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Supercharge has new maps.


Proof, please.

Incredibly exciting, if confirmed!


There’s also a picture of the Ziggurat loading screen (where it lists off the objectives over a screenshot of the map) going around. But I don’t know if it’d be wise to post here lol

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more characters and ops and missions would be fantastic!!! hoping thats apart of the secret announcement theyre keeping from us

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