New PVP mode idea...PVE style leveling!

I had an idea for a new mode Gearbox can try. You know how, when you level up in PVE, you get all your health and shields back?? I wanna see THAT as a mode :grin:


Haha, I can just imagine 1v1ing someone, both of us being on low health and then… -Ding!- They level up and get all CDs reset, health and shields back, and then there’s me like “Oh snap…”

I think it could be fun for a weekend type thing like chaos rumble.


Lvl up op pls nerf


Yeah! I’m not saying keep it around forever, just a fun extra mode to introduce. People would have to strategize to attack enemies when they’re close to leveling up.

Problem is, how do you tell when they’re close to a level up?

Maybe on the scoreboard? A little circle that is filled depending on how close they are? That’s a toughie. I’d say next to their healthbar but that seems a bit complicated.

I guess not knowing makes it all the more fun though…

…and all the more annoying if you were close to killing someone. xD