New pvp mode idea!

Ok so im not sure how doable this would be. Or if it would be successful at all, but i have this idea for a faction war gametype in battleborn. That means 6v6v6v6v6 (including all new characters) but on a large scale map maybe with a big open clearing in the center for the melee and midranged to fight it out. Ever seen the opening for mortal combat armageddon? Yeah like that. Of course i know its not that simple and it would be alot of trouble to make happen taking into account that we would need 30 people just for one match. But i think it could be a great idea. Lemme know what you think guys.

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or may a faction rumble where you pick certain colors to get a particular faction and maybe make it 3v3v3v3 leaving one faction out But the idea sounds hella fun especially if the map was huge like heliophage and their are several objectives like that will help your team when not just killing.

Yes! Ill take anything like that! I think they can do it. And it would definitely put them ahead of the competition