New PvP modes: let's share our ideas!

Hey guys!

First of all, I’m playing Battleborn for 2 ou 3 week and I’m loving it. I play with my little bro and my gf and we all have fun everytime we play.

Well, I was thinking about the PvP modes. I really enjoy Meltdown mostly, but I feel that it can improve in some ways, with new ideas. Do you guys can think about any other modes that can be fun? Then we can send our suggestions to the devs. :smiley:

I’m gonna share my “ideas”, based on games that I’ve played in the last years.

Battleborn Arena

A 2v2 or 3v3 arena, based mostly on my WoW experience. A arena game where you can’t ress after you die, with no minions or stuff to build, and smaller areas to fight/run, and instant level 5 to players (or 10, maybe?). The players will need to focus on teamwork, their skill, work to time stuns, silences and bursts. I think that will be fun and challenging.

Battleborn Duels

Again based on my WoW experience, a 1v1 duel, with the same rules of the “arena” mode that I just said. That will be great to play against friends online or even on local splitted screen. I’m sure that will be easy to find opponents online, too, as it only require 1 player to fight.

Battleborn Zone Conquer

Based on PvZ Garden & Graveryards mode, where one team should protect a area building protections, traps and stuff, and the other team need to rush and take it, maybe building some drones to help the rush. With 4 or 5 areas to each team attack/protect, the game can last long enough and be fun too.

What about you guys? Share your ideas to make the PvP in this great game better!

Thank you all.

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I don’t think the mechanics support the Garden & Graveyards model from PvZ, but it could work.

The other 2 ideas won’t work in Battleborn though. You would be left with only a handful of heroes who would basically be viable for such a mode, and I really don’t think we’ll get a mode that 80+% of the heroes would not be able to compete it.

It is the same reason why we don’t have a normal deathmatch mode, and the same reason Dota or Lol or any of the other traditional MOBAs haven’t done it.

Why you think the arena and duel mode can’t work? What characters will be useless in this modes, in your opinion?

Thank you for your reply. :slight_smile:

Boldur would be a reigning champ in those modes because his axe mastery.

That’s nice. :smiley:


Any chance we could get this topic merged into the old one?

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Some characters are designed to support others, 1v1 they have a serious disadvantage.
Some characters are designed to clear waves of minions…
Some are designed to slip in and out and harass objectives…

And then a small few are designed to be outright killers.

Looks like the OP reposted in the right place.
Let’s continue in the theead linked above :slight_smile: