New queue and reward system Idea

Solo Play - Story Episodes / Bot Match PvP

Multiplayer -

*Casual -PVP and PVE options, and within each option is checkbox icons for every map and mode, so players can easily select what they would like to queue for, and can select multiple modes. Hardcore, advanced, etc.

*Spotlight! - the rotating/experimental pvp/pve modes, maybe add fun rewards or incentives for people to do these, and try weird modes to see what sticks.


The same pvp and pve options and check boxes as casual.

And then also add a mode front and center for

*Call to Arms! Mode. One for casual and competitive. If you click this button, it always queue you for whatever needs someone the fastest. If you successfully see the mission or match to completion, you get some credits and a loot pack or two extra.

So, if everything were working correctly, people would queue for their favorite modes, and then others would fill out the groups with the call to arms mode.

Having a casual and competitive queue will let people practice everything and play around, or hunker down and play for the win.

Hopefully a ranked mode would be implemented in the competitive mode. Add a different CR system perhaps.

The call to arms mode would allow for faster queues across the board from people who like all modes and maps, and would be tempting with the extra rewards.

I think even making it a pvp/pve/no preference would be beneficial, and would provide a loot alternative to pvp folk.


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It’s not a bad idea and many have suggested similar but the problem is that the code currently doesn’t support it and to add many of these features into the game it’s going to take some time. On top of that while much of this would help the game would also need a much healthier playerbase for it to work properly. The devs are already at work making improvements but it’s going to take a while. I guess we’re just going to have to wait and see how things work out.