New, quick way to level up melee Zer0! (UVHM only)

There are only three requirements for this method of leveling up our favorite ninja, and they are as follows:

  1. You must be in UVHM.
  2. You must have Master Gee unlocked.
  3. I’ll assume melee Zer0 already has gear such as Law and Order, a good roid shield, a Rapier, and something to strip your shield. However, just in case you don’t, you should probably work on that too.

Anyways, start up the Master Gee fight and go about soloing him as usual. One execute on a slagged worm+Kunai should take it down without much trouble. Each worm gives 1 of the 10 segments for leveling up on a kill, so killing worms and leveling up should go pretty fast. If you manage to kill Gee, great, that’s awesome, you also have gear that levels with you. Otherwise, should you fall, you already will have a nice amount of experience and be ready for the next round. The only downside is that you must get the Sandhawk at a low level, but we know you’re going to reset UVHM anyways for a better one.

Forgive me, but what does the Sandhawk have to do with this leveling up game plan?

Maybe he’s assuming that you melee the worms and kill Master Gee with the Sand Hawk?

I meant, the only downside is that if you level this way, you get a Sandhawk at some level other than 72, since you must finish the DLC story before unlocking Master Gee.

Ahhh- OK. :bulb:

You have to complete the DLC story to unlock Gee. And the Sandhawk is a mission reward from the story. You see my point.