*NEW* Quiixotiic's From Pandora with Love Store! {CLOSED FOR RE-VAMP}

Going to be placing all the extra’s I’m not in need of here, so you guys can hopefully make some use of the gear, no trading needed!!

Will be updating each night after session of grinding with new finds and drops. If you guys want to request a piece of gear for me to look out for go ahead!!
PSN: Quiixotiic-_
TDR = Tediore
VLDF = Vladof | TRG = Torgue
ATLS = Atlas| MLWN = Maliwan
HYPRN = Hyperion | COV = COV| JKBS = Jakobs


Arctic Vanquisher [A] (Cryo) |Next 2 mags 50% dmg
Popular Bxtch [A] | Phaseslam (dmg 300%)
Crossroad’s (Fire x1,Corrosive x2)
Cutsman’s (Fire x1)
Maxxed-Out Baby Maker ++ (Shock)

Cash-Infused Butcher [A] (Shock) | Next 2 mags 50% dmg
Compressing Kill-o-the-Wisp [A] (Shock) |Phasecast 50% Status Chance
Expert Trevanator [A] (Corrosive) |Iron Bear (20% incendiary dmg)
Burning Flakker (Fire)
Cash-Infused Brainstormer x3 ( All x7 dmg not x14)
Undermining Conference Call (Rad)
Double Penetrating Boring Gun

Supercharged Gunnerang [A] (Shock) | Phaseslam (dmg 300%)
Oozing Potent Roisens Thorns [A] (Corrosive) |125% Splash dmg|
Dastardly Maggie

Negating The Dictator [A] (Cryo) |Phaseslam (dmg 300%)
Lucians Call (Cryo x1)
Rowan’s Call (Radiation x1)

Lyuda’s [Flat DMG not x2] (No Elem x 2)

Annexed Jericho [dmg x2] (Radiation)


Rough Rider [A] |Iron Bear Nova’s|
Transformer [A] |200% Melee dmg after Phaseslam|
Armory Re-Charger
Battery Re-Charger
Stimulant Rectifier
Improved Re-Router
Aegis Stop Gap
Big Pharma WTF


Sticky Quasar
Storm Front
Cloning Hex (Cryo)


Flurrying Breaker | Siren | 31% Action Skill Cooldown, 50% COV Dmg, 10% COV Acc |
Volatile Mealstrom Nimbus | Siren | 47% MLWN Acc, 29% SMG Dmg, 34% Shield Recharge Rate |
Rope-a-Dope Breaker | Siren | 33% Weapon Handling, 27% Grenade Radius, 10% JKBS Dmg |
Rope-a-Dope Introverted Breaker | Siren | 55% TRG Projectile Speed, 45% HYPRN Crit, 25% TRG Reload |
Hazy Molly Rocketeer | Gunner | 149% Health Regen, 50% COV Acc, 50% Melee dmg |
Ordered Prepped Cold Warrior | Operative | 27% Grenade Radius, 10% COV dmg, 45% Dahl Crit dmg |


Elemental Projector Pull Out Method | 29% Fire Res, 16% Cryo Dmg, 27% Shock Chance |
Knife Drain Splatter Gun | 29% Rad Res, 26% Acc, 29% Shock Res |
Toxic Revenger Splatter Gun | 17% Sniper Dmg, 16% Shock Dmg, 29% Shock Res |
Ice Breaker White Elephant | 16% Rad dmg, 27% Cryo Efficiency, 37% FFYL Move Speed |
Spark Plug Deathless | 17% Rifle dmg, -30% Shield Delay, 37% FFYL Duration |
Snowdrift Static Charge | 1487 Max HP, 37% FFYL Move Speed, 40% FFYL Duration |
Snowdrift Commander Planetoid | 17% Sniper dmg, 16% Corrosive dmg, 30% Shield Recharge |
Shock Stone Cosmic Crater | 1487 Max HP, -30% Shield Delay, 33% AoE dmg |

Sirens Mark | Weapon Trinket
Physchodelic | Weapon Skin

I know i don’t have the best stuff but will be focussing on getting gear to put into this, if you would like screenshots just lmk on playstation and i will send them!!

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ill take the cryo annointed lucian along with an elemental projector with mag size if avail
psn itz_luco ty

the anointend crossroad and bloodletter mod pls

Sure thing bud no mag size unfortunately though :frowning:

Sure thing shoot me an add on ps

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Can I get that cryo laser sploder please and thank you! :slight_smile:

@L.Konti Sure add me up buddy and ill send it your way!!

Awesome, just sent!!

Last Update of the night peeps, added substats to COM’s and Relics will look at tidying at a later date. Night Vault Hunters!

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Hey can I get that Dragon mod and the annointed Kill O the Wisp?
Psn: psDrEw66

@andrew.surujnarine Sure thing bud if you still want ill shoot them your way in about 30 mins or so!

Weapons Split into Categories

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Would absolutely love to have this “Entranced Cosmic Phasezerker | Siren | 18% Crit, 31% Pistol Dmg, 50% COV Acc.”

And this “Arctic Reflexive Night Hawkin [A] (Cryo) |Next 2 mags 50% dmgs “

If possible

Psn: DP_Unkemptharold

@andrew.surujnarine sorry ran a bit late if u still want your items add me up fella!

@DP_Unkemptharold Of Course!!! Add me up and they’ll be in the mail ASAP

PSN Quiixotiic-_

Friend request just sent and thank you!

Friend request was sent! I’d love to finally have the Primeval Spectral Phasezerker :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::weary: I’ll include you in my morning prayers :grinning:

@Wiegedood Coming your way chap!!

Wow that was fast! Thanks a lot!!

Is it possible to get more that one item from you? I just noticed you still got some good stuff left :slight_smile:

@Wiegedood Yeah man of course gonna take an hour or 2 to farm/stock up, but anything you want leave a reply and ill get to it after my farming session!

I’m in love. Ok then the Cash-Infused Butcher & Fire Crossroads would suit me pretty well :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: PS4 Sinsinatti

And you know what? I think it’s a great idea to gift your bank. I’m gonna open a thread myself the next time I’m online