New Race Issues

I am trying to create a new race in Homeworld 2 Classic however I have had an issue. I can create the race, put in new ships have ships building and it works fine, the issue occurs when the enemy cpu’s do not attack they just fight among themselves. If I put the cpu’s on hard and team them against me they stilljust go about collecting resources and building a few ships. Any help would be appreciated.


Maybe you’ve created a peaceful race.

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Well the cpu’s are the standard hgn and vgr so they are unchanged, if i attack them then they defend themselves but dont actually try and attack me whilst using the new race.

Cough Boring Cough…
But @revan123 this did happen first when I made my first race, but I just remade it and it went away, so…

May need some cough syrup for that cough dude. Also i have tried a number of different ways including redoing the race switching things around however the AI still completely ignores me.

Looks into the HWRM.log to have more information, you can view what’s going wrong with the CPU when you launch one dm.

Or give the log here :wink:

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