New raid boss down first try, FL4K

It was a fun, hectic and pretty lenghty fight despite my good gear. As a VH with no life steal I was relying on health vials left on the ground by adds and the stop gap shield to stay alive. With that and pet revives I was never in danger of dying despite going into FFYL 3 or 4 times.

Dropped a fun grenade that you throw like a bowling ball (gotta test it for damage yet) and an “allegiance” relic for Jacobs weapons (+50% damage, accuracy and crit damage, plus normal relic rolls).

Bring backburners, fire and corrosive. You’ll thank me.


Oooh allegiance relics/artifacts are back? I am interested to see what that brings.

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Yup they are and it’s awesome ! Got a hyperion one, will definitely farm for a Jakobs one !

Nice. I just downed him first try on Moze. Stayed in Iron Bear the whole time, never entered FFYL. Ridiculously easy. (Because Moze’s Iron Bear scaling is insanely OP)

Got a Hyperion allegiance relic and a new Atlas gun.

That’s kind of sad. I wonder if the boss difficulty scales with number of players. Otherwise, not really much of a raid boss.

It will probably get buffed beyond belief by the time I’m able to play. LOL.