New Repair Weapon Logic

I’ve just had a look through the new update for the repair weapon logic, and it seems that there’s two parts to it, the addAbility repairCommand and the actual wepn file.

The repair command has 2 new params in the middle of it, like so: addAbility(NewShipType,"RepairCommand",<isActive>,<hoverDistance>,<repairRate>,<usesWeaponToRepair>,"AttackStyle",<repairExceptions>,...)
That seems to be the part in the ship that tells it to use the new style of repair, and in the .wepn file, to make a healing weapon, just have a negative DamageHealth result.

(I think I’ve got that right, based on examining a HW1 support ship and a HW2 res collector. As an aside, the fact you can have healing hit results could be used to have a ship that heals itself when it’s weapon hits an enemy, like a leech beam or something, if you have a healing hit result with the target set to Owner.)


That’s another piece of the cataclysm pie in place. :smiley:

Let me know how the rates feel. I roughly matched the rates of a latching resourcer but there are some variances due to firing cycles. The numbers are matched between repair corvettes and support frigates but support frigates come out on top due to a more stable attack style.

Also repair corvettes are fragile now but they might be too fragile so look for that and report in.

Feels kinda right, maybe a tiny tweaking up, but idk, since we are getting balance changes in the mod it is better wait, right now it is a good starting point though


Is it though? Can we set this to have the passive behaviour of the Somtaaw Resource Controller’s broadside heal beams (where it’ll just automatically fire on any damaged friendly ship that’s in range)?

I imagine a script added via addCustomCode could detect all damaged ships within the radius of the processor’s repair beams range, and then order the processor to fix them, then go idle/return to it’s original orders once done.


I was only thinking of leeches.

Passively auto healing - wouldn’t that be the same as the “iShootAtSecondaries” and “scan for targets” functionality?

The support frigate should heal faster than the repair corvettes. Also repairing is a bit slow.

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