New/Returning Grenade Delivery Type Idea for BL3

While the Grenades were overhauled going from BL to BL2 and Pre-sequel, mostly for the better and giving us a great variety of Grenade types and deliveries, one grenade in Borderlands hadn’t made it:

Proximity Mines.

Reintroduce it as a delivery type, this would be compatible with existing Grenade mods, showing up as “Landmine Bouncing Betty” or “Feet-bomming gurnade” and the like. It also has different, but fairly similar stats to standard grenades:

Detection Radius: This is the radius of how close the enemy has to be before it triggers the grenade and cause it to explode immediately. Alternatively, simply have the Blast Radius double as the Detection Radius, causing the grenade to explode as soon as the enemy is close enough to be damaged by it to make things simplier. Players will not be able to trip their own mines, but will still be damaged by the resulting explosion like any other grenades.
Arm Time: Replaces fuse time. Rather than exploding in the air, or exploding immediately when touching an enemy mid-flight, Arm time is a measurement of the time between it lands on a surface (such as a wall or the floor) and the soonest it can explode when an enemy is within its Detection Radius. Mines will emit a single beep when it is armed. Arm time is usually 1-3 seconds, so somewhat on the longside, but still fairly average compared to other delivery systems.

And of course, some Grenade Mod unqiues/legendaries ideas that take advantage of this:

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Torgue MIRV mine. 20-30 Child grenades.

It means giant.
Vladof AOE mine. Always comes in fire. Creates one large “water” plume (really just a fire plume recolored light blue) pointed upwards. Plume lasts longer than an normal AOE, and deals more damage.

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What about rain grenades? They could easily work well in future borderlands games as well, the area of effect could replace the blast radius stat and I’m sure there’s some interesting things you could do for legendaries, like having a moving “rain cloud” or something

That would be another great grenade to return, but that would be a payload part, like MIRV or Transfusion, rather than delivery part. If Atlas were to return in BL3, I really hope that their Rain Grenades would return as a part of that.

Steel Rain
Release the Bats!
Grenade flies up, then releases a torrent of steel fléchettes on targeted enemy for high nonelemental damage.

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@Gen09999 Proximity Mines and the original shockwave-type Bouncing Betty grenade, spawning exclusively with a Sticky prefix.

@Fluffypancakes10 My suggestion for the Rain grenade – introduce it as a type, and mate it exclusively to the B2-style Homing delivery/prefix. If the Rubberized prefix returns, that as well. In either case, have the grenade orient itself and discharge at the nearest enemy.