New/returning player OP question


New player here (well old player returning after 4 years! left after the CC nerf!)

can someone please clarify the OP levels for me comfortably got to OP3 with Maya using DPUH BEE and a Good Touch & lyuda

Now if i reset UVHM can i start the DLCS at 72 to rush the early missions with my OP2/3 gear then switch it back to OP3 when i know i want to start a mission for better loot (sandhawk Pimpernell etc) or do i have to start and keep it whatever level it was first started at?

hope that makes sense



You mean after they fixed the Bee to divide amp damage amongst listed pellets properly? I don’t think they ever touched the Conference Call itself, but as Bee/CC was such a thing back in the day, I think this is what you’re talking about?

You should be able to do what you mention though: when you get to the mission you want, save, quit, and restart at whatever OP level you want; picking up the mission should then provide the reward at that OP level.


thanks for that it should then knock alot of time off farming

and yeah correcting the CC was needed i remember taking Terra and vermi down in less than 5 seconds

but judging from the DPUH and Sandhawk the bee hasnt fully being nerfed which is great for Maya cat builds!


Unlisted pellets still get the full Bee amp damage, so yes - several weapons are still pretty deadly with that particular combination.

You may find the following thread helpful as you push through the OP levels on the Peak: