New Seasonal events Cosmetics?

So, I did the Cartels event last year and completed all the challenges. This year the event tab shows all of the challenges have been completed, but, when I look at the rewards for finishing the challenges, at least some of them are things that I definitely don’t have (the skin, for example). How do I go about getting those? Is there some way to reclaim them, or clear the challenges and redo them?

Also, just as a sort of secondary thing, I read that today’s update should fix the Vault Card daily challenges, which were getting marked as done even if you hadn’t done them yet, and that’s definitely still happening.

Dailies: The release notes stated that they were only able to fix some of the dailies by the patch deadline, so the rest are still an issue.

Cartel event: You need to use the menu item to enable the specific event you want to tackle, which must be done before hitting ‘Continue’ with the character you want to use; if all you do is cycle which event you’re viewing in the echo tab, you’ll just be viewing the results from the last time the event was active.

Dailies: thanks for the info!

Cartels: yeah, no, I can play the event just fine. It’s just that I did the challenges last year, so they’re all marked as done, but there are new rewards this year, which I can’t access, because I can’t do the challenges, because they’re already done. Weirdly, with the Bloody Harvest event, it did eventually let me just click on the rewards to get them, but that hasn’t worked for the Cartels.

It should completely reset. Note that you have to toggle the menu option while your game is not simply paused (top item reads “Continue” and not “Resume”), and I think you do need the hotfix applied. The menu item you want is on the same screen as “Select Character”. You’ll know it’s worked if you hear Maurice great you when you first spawn on Sanctuary afterwards.