New Single Player Mission Map

Mission briefing from the Hiigara flotilla stationed in Ghenna is long over due. Six carrier class vessels are on patrol in the Ghenna dust fields mining the resource rich asteroids hidden within.

You, Captain, are being sent to Ghenna to report on why there has been no communications. Your carrier is being fitted with fighter and frigate capabilities, along with the ability to upgrade our most advanced research options.

That being said, with six full carrier strike groups, it is unlikely you will run into much trouble.

Then again…

I have spent the last 5 months working on my first HWRM MOD; a single player mission map. There are several new types of objectives, and I have added some code to the AI to get a more human like experience. I also created some in-game cut scenes for your enjoyment.

This IS an early release. I am still working in a large final scene, a special game mode at the end (though it is partly working now), and a nice surprise I will tell you about later. That all being said, this is a fully functional battle sta… wait, wrong space opera…

A word of warning; the mission is not for the faint of heart… it is HARD. There is no other way to say it. Every ship type, every upgrade, and a little luck will be needed to win. Happy Hunting!

In order to play:

  1. launch Homeworld
  2. select MODS
  3. select ReturnToGhenna
  4. select SELECT… hehe

Note: When game starts, turn on your subtitles!

  1. Go to: Extra Mission
  2. Mission: B8-1
  3. Enjoy
  4. Send feedback

B8factor & Gameg1rl

PS. Please post bugs, enhancements, stats screens, likes, dislikes, etc. I will work toward a polished version!

Mission B8-1



We have added 4 new cut scenes. 5 Primary mission objectives, new types to the Homeworld Universe. And a lot of custom AI to give a more human like (and sometimes evil) experience.

I’ve yet to beat this thing, but mad props to you for getting it done. I know how much work it is to make a mission, and much as I wish I’d gotten my own out months ago, I love to see this kind of thing being posted.

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I may lighten it up some soon, I KNOW it is hard. hehe

Some of it is a puzzle and the player is given JUST the right parts. So it can be unforgiving.

I plan to post a utube of a play through some time in the near future I just wanted not to add any spoilers until it has been out a bit.

Thanks much! It was very hard and I could not have done it without the MOD people… I do appreciate all the help. This is my 2nd mission map is 30 years of playing RTS. My first was with C&C Kane’s Wrath. I did enjoy this one, but a 3d environment really does make a designer work(in regards to trying to predict a human). hehe

-B8 and @Gameg1rl

PS My wife is probably glad I am done too! We have so much to do around the house now since I had been chained to the PC for the past 5 months!

Oh PS… there is a million things I would do different on a 2nd pass… I hope to get that opportunity next year when I have more free time! I believe I could do it in half the time next go around… but that has yet to been proven. hehe

I thought you might be interested in seeing a recording of someone playing the mission. I didn’t get too far in here :slight_smile:

Honestly, I’m still getting a handle on the mission itself, but it might be worth taking another pass on the voice processing. Gameg1rl’s lines are a little harsh on the ears, and it sounds like it’s probably from processing rather than the mic itself(though I could be wrong of course)

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We tried to make her sound like a computer voice. Maybe we over did it.

I played it up to about the same point. My Mic is on the other computer at the moment, so i tossed in some subtitles.

Also fast forward the opening to get you there a bit quicker. :slight_smile:

  1. Couple of key points right off the bat… when the subtitle is lifted, you have control.
  2. Since you only have carrier, DD and BC are priority to save and keep alive.
  3. All the starting units I give the player are there for a very specific reason.
  4. Dust Clouds are hard to see through, make that work in your advantage only.
  5. Hit and run, repair and repeat.


About every 3-4 play through the outcome of a few of the battles change. Sometimes I can save a BC at one battle and not another… sometimes it is switched. Before each game I try to recon as fast as I can and decide on which 2-3 battles I can manage at a time.

We have a very nice MIC, however I am a novice at using audacity to post process the voice.
Is it the echo we added to make it sound like a computer voice?
Is it too loud?


Possibly. I’m a novice myself, so it’s hard for me to identify anything specifically by ear.

Releasing some scenes. Homeworld does not currently have(that i know of) a NIS editor. So I made these with LUA code in the game engine. It takes about 2-3 weeks(3-5 hours per day) per minute scene to produce.

For those that want to know more I am working on releasing the code for each scene… it is nothing special, but just in case someone wants to dive in and make some scenes and/or missions themselves, I sure want to play more!

PS I am okay with other MODs taking my source and retro fitting into your own MOD (if you want it in its entirety or hack it up to get just what you want).

Scene One

Scene Two

Scene Three (I was pretty proud of the scrolling digits… hehe I am easy to please!)

Scene Four

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I lost on my first attempt because I was expecting to protect the second carrier from a big Vaygr force, so I splitted my army in two but wasn’t able to regroup my BCs for the last battle because I neglected to capture the warp gates. Here are my stats for the second try (had to quit mid-mission, hence the discrepancy with the timer on top-left corner):

It was hard, I won’t deny it; I had to pause a lot to micro lots of battles everywhere, and even so I lost more units than I should have. But hell, it was great! The right mix of adrenalin, challenge, quick thinking and battles that remains undecided till the last salvo is fired (and sometimes till all the projectiles actually hit) make the mission a huge walk on a razor blade, it is never trivial, and the sensation of release you feel after you win it makes you realize just how much tension you have accumulated. It taught me more than a skirmish against an expert CPU. In fact I didn’t feel like I was fighting an expert CPU, but an élite, human-like CPU. Very well done. Thanks for the experience.


You are very kind. :slight_smile:

Glad you enjoyed it. I am still tweaking the AI some as I add more human like tactics.
I also have a 2nd game mode in my current build to release soon that allows a player NOT to extract (if they can defeat the initial force) and then the Sakala comes under human control and it is a slug fest with my enhanced AI to rid the entire region of Vaygr. However, it takes me another 1.5 hours to do that… grasping for resources while salvaging the remains of the large battle that just happened.

2nd phase might not be for all so the extract is still there to WIN, but if you find you have the force it is another up hill fight with even larger battles. And as soon as I finish the last cut scene, a nice scene to boot. :slight_smile:



This is an awesome map - though I always die when they either send an army of frigates, or an army of assault crafts :frowning: :confused:

Maybe the problem is that I’m always backed into my little dust cloud, so I can never go on the offensive :smile:

Destroyers and mines eat up frigates and flak frigates eat up Strike Craft.

Dust clouds need probes so you can see what is coming before it is on top of you.

Shield ships can stop both frigates and and assault craft from hitting you carrier.

If you find you can not get past it, let me know at what minute you die (or post a vid) and I will post a video of me playing it up to that point so you can see what i would do.


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Ok, thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

What should you do if you just have a few destroyers, a carrier with low health, low resources, waves of attacking ships, and some fighters/frigates? OR another save I have with low health but a winning battle and a couple of battlecruisers to save me from the frigates. (I always end up losing to the bombers/assault fighters). I have one save with high health on my carrier but no strike craft fighting ships, and it’s surrounded by a mob of fighters…

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I would repair my carrier if it was low health. I would save Destroyers and Battle Cruisers since you can not make them… they are worth the trouble.

I would have at least 1 defense frigate at home to use if they attack when I am in the field.

I find a defense frigate and just 1 Flak frigate can hold off quite a bit.

Above is a video I posted that shows my opening up the the 3rd objective. It is late here right now but I will post another video tomorrow night and give some pointers.


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Ok, thanks. I’m usually all backed up trying to make my carriers not die though xD

I actually made good progress now. I killed 2 carriers, and had a good defense for my carrier that would last at least another 10-20 minutes before it got overrun. The problem was that my asteroids ran out of resources so I couldn’t build anything, and I wasn’t really sure what to do about objective 3 as the carrier in the mining place seemed pretty dead to me.