New Single Player Mission, Mission 8 from the Vaygr Perspective

I think I have come up with a clever idea to give the player the ability to adjust their own difficulties while simultaneously enhancing the player experience. Since I am redoing Mission 8 retrieve the Dreadnaught, I think it would be good to have the player play through the original mission for both contrast and to refresh the mission’s original design. And this is were the clever idea comes in, with my iteration of the mission the player is now on the opposing side playing the Vaygr. I can take the reactive fleet information from the original play through and use it to seed the AI’s fleet against the player. There is some re play-ability introduced with ending the original mission with a different fleet compliments. Of course there might actually be some players who never read this… played the original mission ages ago and still have it on their PC (and if they are like me, min-maxed the mission to have the absolute best military compliment at the end), and when they give this mission a try think, “What the heck, why is this SO HARD!”. tee hee Not even realizing thing are playing themselves. This makes me giggle inside.

I personally felt the maps with the progenitors were a bit boring although some of the most beautiful maps to play on. I have altered the original story within the bounds of this single mission… meaning the Vaygr were not in the original map but they are now… it is sort of a 1v1v1 experience. That being said, i am being careful to retain the original story from this mission on so I can convert a few other mission’s to play through from the Vaygr Perspective without altering the larger story arc.


Sounds wonderful knowing your epic SP mission about the Kapisi I’m confident that this new mission will rock no matter what. Your idea sounds very appealing…

I wish you best of luck and hope you’ll manage to find couple of worthy play testers and voice actors etc…

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Yeah, good luck! Personally, I found it somewhat difficult to parse all the scripted sequences in the singleplayer campaigns.

Okay campaign and mission map fans, I have a working copy of this mission from start to finish minus polish (audio acting, text changes, logging off). If anybody want’s to do a pass through and give some suggestions, i am all ears.

@Chimas :slight_smile: