New singleplayer custom map demo!


If I may ask…Why don’t remake RtH30 with the HH engine?
Moreover, if you are interested…I can send you some textures I’ve made for the HH weapons…Tell me if you’re willing to import them

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I am not the best with things like this. My map making is also not the best but no one else is making hardly any maps. Maybe start a topic over it and ask everyone, but I have thought how nice it would be to have stuff from r2h30 in HH. For example characters would be nice to have back like Desola or Obi. We have Allen and Garnett already in HH as models and I made their own archetypes in the editor but do not know how to add them to play in the actual game.

Also I created a little bit of a city battle that I might make as well.I created multiple maps that I really liked but just stopped for some reason.

I see this game dying but I really wouldn’t want to see that. Im trying to make maps to draw people back into this game that have forgotten about it. They would have a reason to return and maybe convince other people to give it a try and too make maps even if they are not good looking like from the actual game.

Also I changed the look of the first pictures I showed up at the top of the map.

Oh yeah and I had a question for anybody that could help. Do you know how to make rain for any map.

Perfect setup for the bazooka team.

Good…will it be a real battle or a fictional one?


Here is an update added a church and another battle in the back. You will be able to go through the church and probably fight and also there is a wall blown up in it, which will lead outside to a bigger battle. I haven’t done anything in the church or outside it in the back.image

I could use a hand. Is anyone good with the navmesh building. The stuff for cover and all that. Well i’m having troubles with it and am asking someone to make it or rebuild it for me. I will give you the map file.



Wow, I got to hand you to it and would really want to see this published for all of us to play.

I wish I could help but I don’t know how to make any maps. I’ll probably train myself with the skirt and find out then.

Yeah I’m not experienced either, but I am learning and we all have to learn to become experienced. I figured out camera movement and all that for an intro. I may release a demo of it soon.

That’s a link to a demo I just released. Follow instructions and enjoy. There are no objectives and some bugs. Just browse through and kill everything. The end is the church. Feedback I would love. Remember I am not good with this, but I try my best.

Do I need the original game in order to play this?

Yes you only need Brothers In Arms Hell’s Highway. Follow the instructions in the description of the site. I have taken a break from this map and will soon start developing it yet again.

nice to see you still working on maps man, I’ll try to check your map if I find the time.

regarding the nav mesh, you should be able to find all the info you need here:,_Cover_Regions_and_Jump-able_Obstacles

it’s a tutorial made by one of the devs back in the day.

If I remember correctly, rain is an emitter. look in that actors list, you should be able to find it. The infantry models are also in the game so make sure you use the correct ones or their uniforms will look perfectly dry while the rain is falling on your screen.