New siren type - Phasewake

In Borderlands 3, we find out a lot about the different sirens, including new powers. There is still at least one kind of power not known, as we have: Phasewalk, Phasegrasp, Phaseshift, Phaseleech and Phasetrance.
Siren number 6 will probably be a PC in Borderlands 4, but they could reference her in B3. Either way, I’d love to see her power be Phasewake. The way it works is this: when she activates her action skill, she is surrounded by an aura of power and moves faster. As she moves, she leaves behind her a trail of that power, which damages enemies when they touch it. It would look like a translucent wall, normally (Think sort of like the speeder bikes in Tron) and can be moved through freely by players.
The power aura would also enhance melee attacks for extra damage during the action skill.
The ability could be split into various elemental types - Fire leaves a line/wall of flames (or 2, for a back to the future reference), Corrosive leaves a puddle of acid (with fumes), Shock leaves a long lightning bolt that sends out smaller bolts to the ground and enemies, Cryo freezes the ground solid (with icicles sticking up), Irradiated leaves a cloud in the air, and if they add more elements, they’d have extra effects.
The player could equip one or two elements at a time (with a damage penalty for having two, so it’s not overpowered), and change between them in the skill tree menu.
Skill trees could focus on: 1) adding elemental effects and increasing the damage, range and duration of the wake. 2) increasing the siren’s damage and speed, with synergy between the two, I.E. more speed = more damage. These effects are increased during the Phasewake. 3) Adding effects to the wake, like healing allies, spawning homing blobs of the element equipped, triggering explosions when you cross the wake with itself, amplifying damage of bullets that pass through the wake, etc.

Please add thoughts/suggestions below. Thanks. =]

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Whatever the sixth ability is, Steele had it.

Tyreen is older than 12, and thus lived when Steele did. Therefore at the beginning of BL 1


All existed at this time.

Good point. Phasewake Steele would be great. =]
The timeline is a little fuzzy, once you factor in that the siren ability can transfer to anyone on the owner’s death (regardless of age), but given what we know from in-game, Angel + Lillith + Steele all existed together. Tyreen is stated to have gotten powers as a baby, but the other sirens (Maya and Amara) could have been older when getting theirs, and gained Steele’s power. Is there anything that says when any of them gained powers? Can’t remember off the top of my head.
Pretty sure you’re right, though.

Maya seems to have had them as a child, thanks to Echos in Two.

Amara would not have the confidence she has if she got these powers in her adult life. She has the confidence of a full life Siren.

Ty was born like this.

So, since none of them are younger than BL1, I have to assume they all existed. Now. Where did Steele’s powers go? Most definitely a newborn. So. That’s exciting.

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That’s correct. Whoever the sixth siren is, she’ll have Steele’s powers and be the next playable Siren. If Steele didn’t choose another person to inherit her powers and a baby was born with them, there’ll be another jump in time, because in BL4 she’ll need to have at least 18 years old.

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Hmm. Been thinking about this, and the fact that VHs in B3 have three action skills each. Assuming they carried that forwards, Phasewake would have to have three ways to use it.
I’d keep the running fast and leaving a trail for the 2nd skill tree (increases damage and speed). Skill tree 1 (adding elemental effects and increasing damage, range and duration of action skills) could have Phaseblock which would create a bubble around you, absorbing damage and dealing damage to nearby enemies, while also applying your action skill element to any bullets you fire (Yeah, I know, a lot like Zane’s barrier, but with a siren twist). Skill tree 3 (adding effects, spawning homing blobs) could have Phasefog which would spread the effect over a large area around you and damage enemies inside the fog, but the fog would move with you, instead of being left behind as a trail.