New skill moze needs


Moze needs a skill that allows her to summon autobear without jumping in and out of iron bear. This skill will have a short cast time and allow you to move at a walking speed while casting. (Like deathtrap in bl2)


  1. Moze takes ages to proc on action skill end annoints, as well as the “Some for the road skill”. Other class’s can proc these effects instantly with no down time.

  2. Its very common to instantly die after exiting iron bear because you are locked in place for so long after completing the hold down button to exit iron bear action.

  3. It’s an unfun gameplay loop to constantly have to jump in and out of iron bear disrupting the flow of combat.


I would suggest moving the auto bear skill to the first tier of skills in the blue tree. Then either adding this new skill as additional text to the autobear skill, or adding an additional skill point upgrade to auto bear that enables this skill. So you put 1 point into auto bear and you get the current incarnation, but you can put a second point in auto bear to activate this new skill.

Edit: Potentially you could start the animation to summon auto bear as so as the buttons are pressed, then if you release the button at anytime before he is spawned, it would put you in iron bear. That way you could still jump into iron bear if you need him to tank damage for you. Ideally the auto bear summon animation would be 1.5 seconds at most.


Adding this 1 skill will solve a lot of problems that mozes has. It’s about time the devs act on their prelaunch statement that they were going to improve characters instead of adding new characters .


I agree with the autobear functionality. I love my Moze due to bottomless mags and splash damage but the hassle of jumping in and out immediately kills the flow of combat to the point I don’t even want to use her.

I would love to see the analytics of people using bear for full duration opposed to jumping in and out to activate the anointments.

Dakka bear should be implemented with this feature. summon iron bear independently and add a manned turret to let u climb on. it would make the tree itself feel better too cause it focuses mainly on being out of iron bear. he can still be stationary of course and add the ability to climb in if u wish. some class mods and skills may need changing but it would be worth spending that point in dakka bear.


Screw Iron Bear. Just give me a turret to hide behind. They reinvented the wheel, and made it square.

Could make it “hold action skill button to summon Iron Bear directly in Auto Bear mode”. Would allow you to climb in, or immediately activate auto bear.

If you had to hold buttons down it would defeat the whole purpose. Unless holding the button was a part of the casting animation, and releasing it before the animation finished put you into iron bear. That could work. But as soon as the button is pressed it should start the animation, and only after its releaed should it default to iron bear.

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I understand some builds get maximum efficiency from jumping in and out instantly but that’s not always the best strategy to use without paying attention to your surroundings.
I’m just saying that you’ll lose several to a dozen seconds of uptime in order to stay alive and finish that wave of the slaughtershaft or whatevs, seems like a fair trade to me.

However as a fan of Rocketeer I would love to skip this animation and be one step closer to Gaige with a skill or class mod.

I made an edit to adress being able to still use iron bear in sticky situations. But they could add a 3rd point to auto bear that gives him a taunt any time he is spawned. He could sound an alarm with a red rotating light that forced any enemys within a certain radius to attack him for 2 seconds.


Auto Bear giving her a titan call type of ability would be awesome. It would also be cool if Moze had invincibility frames while she’s climbing in and out of Iron Bear imo. She should be protected while she’s digistructing it around her and, as a trained soldier, she would know how combat roll coming out.


They’d screw it up with a Niki Minaj reference but taunt would be so useful.

well also why doesn’t she hop out from the back … that will make her dodge some damage at least …