New skill tree class mods

Has anyone come across non legendary class mods for the new skill trees (I can’t imagine the new legendary ones would be the only ones) and if so, has anyone found one outside of arm’s race?

So far the legendaries are the only COMs for purple trees.

They are in game but can’t drop afaik.

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Oh. So that’s what those 3 extra skills of the new trees for every VH are doing in the code…

It would be nice if they actually dropped. I’ve killed the main boss over 100 times plus opened dozens of chests and still haven’t found any. I suppose the drop rate is near zero b/c they know once you get them there’s no reason to play this trash any longer.

I’ve come across a blue and purple Bulldog purple tree class mod for Zane. Has anyone found any other purple tree class mods that are not legendary? I got both off the boss that drops the re-volter shield.

Yes, Guzzler for Moze. These non-legendary coms drops in dlc6 zones.