New skill trees and Season 1

So let’s see what we have here:

FL@k received better shield tech and a loader bot… Sounds like he learned from DLC1 and adopted a loader bot.

Amara now has cryo element… Perhaps from studying and atuning herself to her surroundings on Xylurgos… DLC2

Zane is getting increased Crit, handling and accuracy in his tree… almost like he learned some gunslinging from an old western style environment… DLC3

Moze has lots of explosive power and focuses on one element … Fire… So increasing her fire damage by learning from another vault hunter… Maybe one who also specializes if explosions and fire … oh right … KRIEG. DLC4

Just a thought :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Or GBX got lazy and just re-used skills instead of making something new?

Just a thought,…

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@jbow2020 had that thought too… I mean they gave them all what they were missing when it comes to bonuses. Zane now has ASE, amara and Moze now have while action skill active… And Fl@k got more survivability with a shield tree with cc pet. Cause you know . Reliance on annointments

In any case… my OP is more fun

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