New Skill trees question

Hey guys, I’m new to the forum. I heard that they will be adding new skill trees as DLC’s in the future. I just wanted to know if this will be included in the season pass or is it an additional DLC that you need to buy in order to get it.

It’s not part of season pass 1, as that only entitled the four story DLCs we already got. These new skill trees will have to be purchased separately.

Sadly that’s true along with any new DLC coming up which is why I’m probably done with this game completely because that just doesn’t sit well with myself and others who have already spent a lot on the game, season pass and etc.


There’s a high chance they will patch in the skill trees for free when the dlc launches like they have done for all the level cap increase.

The golden boy Joltz himself said it was a premium addition so I sincerely doubt it. Also given how strong a ton of DLC weapons are/were I can only imagine the level of pay to win an entire skill tree will be. I’m pretty disgusted tbh and I doubt this will get better. I’ve seen too many greed filled shady decisions in gaming for me to think this is going to go any other way. Congrats on living up to the reputation Gearbox :wink:


Given that there whole write up is very vague, they outright confirmed that these will be paid DLC. It’s worded so weird that at the moment it isn’t really 100% clear (atleast to me) if these are part of a DLC, are their own DLC or even have to be bought seperately for each character.


Gearbox has spent the past 6 months leveraging this game into forced pay DLC if you want to progress it anymore. They gave us their broken Mayhem 2.0 for free, but the only guns really balanced for it are part of pay DLC. I have no doubt that any future improvements in the way of skills or gear will come at an increased financial cost, and I’m personally done with it.

What Gearbox is essentially doing is selling you a broken game, and then charging you extra for the patch to fix it. It’s underhanded and just feels too much like a scam, and I’m not having any part of it anymore.

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It is perfectly possible to build your character around vanilla game weapons and gear. It is absolutely not necessary to use DLC gear for all characters. So I refute the suggestion that BL3 has turned into a pay to win game.

My cynicism is inclined to believe they will be bought separately tbh O.o Given the fact that the next gen upgrade is free I’d bet they weren’t doing that out of the kindness of their hearts and this is how they planned to recoop finances. But all the super shills are out on social media defending them already so It’s totally going to be fine I’m sure /s

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I’m in the same boat and I wouldn’t be surprised if these cost over 10€ each, because they didn’t wanted to do DLC characters and now we have to pay for the “inferior” alternative.
So what’s to say they don’t justify this by argueing the same way they did for the overpriced DLC “they are bigger, with more content than in past games…” ye, we know how that turned out, and I’m not even speaking about the Krieg DLC.

Heck throw them all into a “discounted” bundle and they will have practically earned the money for a full priced game.

I’m also not looking forward to potential Head Hunter packs. With the above in mind and looking at Fustercluck who’s to say these wont cost 7-10€ for a 2h long single map shudders

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