New skill trees still a thing?

So Gearbox decided to not give us new Vault Hunters cause of statistics were telling them just a minority of people would make a second play trough with a new player.
That’s why they told us instead of new playable characters we get skill tree expansions or new skill trees overall.
This would be a great idea having new key stones / abilities to play with opens up the builds and make more variety.
Tho I can’t imagine they still drop new skill trees.

What do you think about new skill trees, do we need them?
I think it would be great having a keystone that lets Amara revive players or something that gives FL4K life steal so he has more sustain. Give Zane some shock in his kit and make Moze Iron Bear a time Bomb that runs into the enemy after leaving the Bear.
But yeah idk. I would be happy with new playables as well as with new skill trees.

I just really hope we get anything in that kind and instead of nah we just had been to lazy to give u anything at all.

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They never said that they will add new skill trees.
They said they would expand on the characters.
That seems like a new COM every now and again.

I would love new skill trees but my hopes are no longer high for it.

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Maybe you are right here but at least i recall it like that they planned to add new skill trees.
New coms is not what i understand as expanding on the existing VH´s cause with every dlc in Borderlands 2 there was new coms new cosmetics and what not.

It would be really disappointing not to get anything like new skill trees or new VH´s at least thats something i was really looking forward to before the game released.

Auto bear already has a suicide mode: on
If she got a new skill tree…you know xD co-op with IB and all that xD spawn him in autopilot, support each other, get boni for shooting the same target, marking targets, shoot on iron bear or missles to activate stuff like DT
Would be cool :slight_smile:

Amara just: cryo xD
And more tank/support/melee stuff

Fl4k: give em a tresher :smiley: stalker would also be cool, tho. Both beasts need to make a return to the game first, tho.


Wow u get really creative maybe gearbox should hire you ahahaha

I really like ur Moze ideas and you seem to be a main.
Even tho amara and FL4K ideas are not totally what i expect :smiley:

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where did you take that from? this post?
i made skilltrees with photoshop :sob:

I dont get it? Seems like i missed something.
I would love to see those skill trees.

check my last topics XD
(im just joking, i really like game design but i dont really know how to get into that business^^)

Obviously, this does not make much sense, just make the best-built build and forget about these branches. Diversity does not make sense when there is imbalance, some skills are better than others.

oh, it does
for many people, its not the dps that makes the game but also the gameplay :slight_smile:
the character identity and personal style
ofc. its the job of the devs to balance these possibilities as good as possible

Duuude… Ur skill tree looks really good.
With those things implemented Moze could become as good as Amara or Zane.
And it would be pretty nice cause there would be a lot of Build diversity.
Probs man really like what u did there.

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Indeed, diversity doesn’t matter if there is imbalance but those imbalances shouldn’t be as obvious as it is right now to change that is on the devs side.

Tho speculating and thinking about the things that will come can be productive and helpful for the devs as well. At least there is a thought process instead of just take the most op that mentality is really negative.

appreciate it <3
you can also check out my concept for a guardian vault hunter :slight_smile:

Let’s be honest. If 2 more branches are added now, you will go to test them, and after a short time, stop on your version, you will consider it the best for yourself. And that’s it, interest and diversity will end there.
What to do next? add more branches? And again, back to the fact that this fun is not for long.
More branches do not mean more variety, on m0 you can kill enemies with a look. On high M, you need an assembly with maximum efficiency and not the one you like. And this assembly will be one on the pile of branches.

Since the level cap is 57 now you can make insane skill trees and for example FL4k´s build can vary in many ways. Its like every skill tree is viable rn and with the right anoints and gear u can make all the content no problem what so ever.
Basically its on you to choose ur play style and find ways to make them work out.

It would be very reasonable for FL4k to have more sustain and I could imagine nice synergies between the existing and new skill trees and keystones.

I don’t think new skill trees would harm build diversity actually I think the opposite.
People that like a certain play style will stick with that and the others have more space to explore new play styles.

i personally managed to kill most stuff on MH4 with a build that i like and that is considered very bad and non meta
i never play the meta in games like this and i love playing games like this because i can make ma own builds
and the more possibilities i have, the more gameplay is provided
i dont know what your problem would be with more skills?
u’d be sad because you would miss out even more skills, only playing the meta?
if you think like that, why not just bring out 1 character? everyone plays zane and everyone wrecks the game xD

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If they aren’t going to add two new characters like before, they need to add a new skill tree to each VH to keep it interesting. So that there truly is multiple ways to play each character.

Fl4K needs a dinosaur to ride, Amara needs a Cryo or radiation tree, Zane needs a hover board, and Iron Bear could “accidentally” sit on Ava thus making Moze a phaselock siren. Easy. :joy:

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Fl4k basically has 2 good ways to build to run end game content. You are either taking Megavore + The Power Inside with very little choice of the skills between. Or Megavore and building into Barberic Yawp with just a few extra point choices. A Green/Blue build can be done but it’s not near as good at end game as the other 2 choices. Anything else you are just handicapping yourself.

Maybe that is true even tho if you like go green/blue you can and i think i could make it work out really well cause of the pet bonuses u cant scale up very high.

Just cause it doesn’t seem as viable as other builds doesnt mean u cant go that route also im not so sure about the handicap u talk about.