New skin details

I noticed that the new Orendi jester skin has bells jingling when she idles. Has anyone noticed any other details about the new skins?

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REALLY?! Oh, my GOD; i am SO testing this when i get home! Her new taunt is great too.

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It’s not quite new, but Shayne and Aurox “Fun and Games” Skin has Squeeky Balloon sounds and also a special chime while walking in stealth and a different sound on concluding the Stealth Skill.

Also I like that in Gallilea’s Medieval Skin, her actual Skin isn’t Purple.

Also they need to do something about Raths Color Variations, most I hate because the color of the Blade sucks. And yes, thats important to me, cause you see them all the time.

Strange thing I think is that all her premium skins change her skin color, but the color itself is not consistent. From pale with orange undertones to pale with grey undertones to dark brown.