New Skin Ideas!

I’ve been kind of disappointed with the alternate skins in the game. One thing I think is really cool is that, if one person on the team picks their purple / black skin, the rest of the team can and often does match. So I’m glad this extends into the unlockable skins as well, but I would like to see more special skins in the game, especially if I’m paying real money to do (which I’m honestly extremely eager to! I just want something that feels a bit more special, I guess).

Montana’s first microtransaction skin feels like a garrish recolor that distracts from those ridiculous muscles that drew me to the character in the first place. Some ideas I had for skins I might have instantly thrown money down for:

  • Plaid shirt, no bandolier / accessories, just a classic lumberjack feel
  • Draped in animal skins
  • Leather harness (like Chris Redfield’s alt in RE:5)
  • Straight up bare chested
  • Green skin, purple shorts

Not the most original or creative ideas, I’ll admit! But I can’t bring myself to buy a the available skin just because I really like this game / character when I know I’d never use it. Any of these I’d have bought without hesitation.

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There’s a good thread about it here:

Though, I’d want a Jonny Bravo skin


Duluth Trading Shirt Jak!

(I am a Lumberjack and depend on those)

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That would be cool. I personally would like a better Shayne & Aurox skin. Maybe since its always a pair of something, a master and puppet deal (since there is already a taunt for it) or switch it up and do opposites. A fire and ice skin would look cool. Aurox made of lava, and Shayne…well not made of ice, but you get the idea.