New skins and echo themes

Question…Does anyone know what the new skins and echo themes are and where to get them in the game? I had all of them until Thanksgiving and now it says I need 1 skin per character and 2 echo themes. I can’t seem to find any reference anywhere as to what these are. Please help.

Check for updates to these lists:

I believe Arms Race may be one source?

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I believe too that Arms Race would be the answer. Let me know if you need help or any explanation with those lists, otherwise they should be straightforward :slight_smile: have a nice day :slight_smile:

The lists are great but not up to date apparently. Says 54 skins. I have 55 of 56 according to the New U station. List shows 60 echos. I show 60/62. So there are either more or the New U Station is wrong. Any clues?

They might be some cosmetics which will be added with future updates or events/DLCs (like the Director’s Cut), that only exist in the data files yet. Not sure about the skins, I might be missing one then. Which skin isn’t included in the list?

Youre not missing any one the list the 55th one is Amara, Fl4k, Zane and Moze default skins. Still says I need one so guess they are unreleased at the present time. Just wish they hadn’t added it on there until they were available because I’ve spent almost a month trying to find out what they were and where to find them. Think they jumped the gun on that one.

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Oh, I misunderstood something then, sorry. I still think those ECHO Themes and that skin is planned for some future update and they only exist in the date files at the present time. They only updated the total number for them in the Quick Change Station, so don’t need to worry about them I guess. Usually I go and try to farm every cosmetic myself too, but I don’t know any new ones since the Arms Race.

I’m just missing the Dahl Tags room decoration from the Arms Race.

Actually started looking and Dahl Tags is actually a weapon trinket not a room decoration. I have it.

Yeah, true. I was in a hurry and added it to room decorations by mistake, thanks for pointing that out. Should be correct now. Do you remember how did you get it? One of the guys in the comments on my list said that he obtained it after doing all the Arms Race challenges.

Think so

Hey Erika59,

I seen your post about Arms Race Cosmetics. Your response is the only one about the individual pieces. I’m missing 3 echo themes: Accept the Charges, Mecho-3, Call-a-Ride.

Can you please let me know what you did to unlock them?