New skins are even more expensive?

Different people have different principles. That didn’t give you the right to call somebody elses principles “bull ■■■■”.


When Rath uses his ultimate with his new skin… it plays ice cream truck music :slight_smile: and shayne and aurox squeak with the sound of rubbing balloons and clown shoes ! havnt seen the other skins, i assume similar changes are there (kleese’s rifts really need to be tiki coconut rifts though)

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Anyone has the right to say whatever they want, people fought and died for free speech.

That said, I can’t understand how innocent MTs would put someone off a game entirely, a game which they paid top dollar for, as did I. Do I care that I’m now facing Frankenstein Ghalts? No.

The game still runs and plays the exact same and will continue to run and play the exact same way until the MTs cross the Pay-2-win threshold, which hopefully we never see.

But putting down a full price title over some innocent skins and taunts? Waste in my opinion.

Whiskey isn’t going to penta kill your whole team just because he has scales now.

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No changes for Kleese or Ambra, sadly. Was really hoping for something, at least.

[quote=“RAAMzilla, post:20, topic:1541559”]
Whiskey isn’t going to penta kill your whole team just because he has scales now.
[/quote]I wouldn’t be too sure about that :wink:

Everyone has different opinions, perspectives and principles, no need to attack those individual preferences just because they are not match with your own. Argue, discuss and debate = yes. Attack, insult or call out = No.

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Mhh, on they showed skins for both, are´nt they on the marketplace yet? (My update is still downloading…)


^That’s a much better contribution to the discussion. Thank you.

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I mean no changes to appearance or sounds of skills. The skins are there, yes, but it’s really just a re-color/re-texture, nothing else that I could see.

Ahh thats what you mean. Yeah, some sem to change the model itself more (S&A) while others are re-textures+recolors as the previous MT-skins…

Since I assume these are T2 as well I´m still very excited for the T3-skins. Need Pizza-Miko.

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So serious question. You would rather have free fashion instead of free mp maps that wouldn’t split the community? I mean hey ,you have those snazzy new free bunny ears…but cant find anyone to show it off to on the new maps because paid maps cost money on an already low populated game . I dont get the complaint honestly. No one forced anyone to buy the deluxe , no one will force you to buy new skins. If they should be free , when does it end? Should everything released after a game be free because you paid 60 bux for it? No. It shouldn’t .

You cant go back to burger king and complain that the burger you ate 3 months ago didn’t come with the now introduced blue bun… Not directed at the OP but this argument of “we should get everything free” is silly.


Well, S&A and Rath both get custom sound bits with their skins (Those are the only two I know of currently), while Ambra & Kleese’s new skins, which cost the exact same, don’t get anything other than the visual change on the character. I’m just disappointing more than anything, considering the options available. (Ambra’s ult turning into a volcano for instance, or Kleese’s mortars being coconuts.)

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That’s not the argument I am presenting. The fact that the microtransactions inclusive price has now well exceeded the cost of the most expensive copy of the game that was available. $125 game with over $150 in MT’s, so far. This amount and pricing is expected in free to play games, not full price AAA titles. If they were cheaper, if you could earn platinum in game even at a very slow rate, if they had not made the tier 2 skins paid content and not only given us crappy recolours - not to mention that they are the exact same colour pattern swap for every character - then I highly doubt I would be posting here.

The decision to make the maps free is not a counter argument here. Nobody was given a choice in the matter, GBX and 2K took it upon themselves to give them out for free. I’m not going to be made to feel guilty about their poor business decisions. This falls back into marketing as well… they didn’t market the game well enough, which led to the game’s population suffering and the game not selling as well as they’d hoped, which has led to less profit. Why are we, the players, expected to support their poor business decisions here? If they MT’s a a way of getting some extra cash flow in, then they have failed in their financial decisions regarding this game. That burden does not and should never fall to the players.


But how is that poor thinking on Gearbox? Imho thats a very smart business plan. “Let’s not make gamers pay for extra maps so we won’t segregate the community” also, “lets charge for shiny things because we know gamers can’t control their impulses and jus has to have everything”.

There are many more gamers who would refuse to buy extra maps (even more than normal when the online population is dwindling) than there are people who will refuse to buy that shiny bedazzled Rath skin .

That’s a great idea for a skin. They could call it “vampires don’t sparkle”.


I’d buy it lol

Is this the same RAAMzilla from the OG Gears forums?

The one and only, son. I was a much bigger dick back then though.

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:joy::joy::joy::joy: yeah i think I was banned like twice there. I barely visit TC forums though :flushed::flushed: it’s not the same.

Then honestly good riddance. Hilarious someone would stop playing because they add in something that you don’t have to purchase.


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