New Skins coming With Alani Patch?

Title basically says it all. Can we get any information on if the patch with Alani will bring the tier 2 skins to the packs? And if there are going to be new taunts as well. Thank you for your time.


Also very interested in knowing this! Looking forward to new skins and such with Alani!

Good question! Want to save up those eldrid packs if so…

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@jythri @joekgbx

I think Jythri said that Tier 2 Skins are indeed coming with the Alani Patch. Might remember wrong though.

Anyone hear any word on this yet or found any new skins/taunts for those you already have?

Can someone clarify what are Tier 2 skins and how are they differentiated from the normal skins?

Tier 2 skins are supposed to have a more unique and interesting look to them as opposed to the other that are just recolors. The tier 3 skins I’ve heard will completely change the way the character looks.

I’d like to add to this, that the possible new tear 2 Skins would come with the patch(on the 31st), not Alani Early Access(on the 24th).

And I might still remember this wrong :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But then again the new battleplan doesn’t mention anything about it.

Yeah the skins might not be coming yet, unfortunately.

Is there a major patch coming on the 31st? I would think they would have implemented the main stuff with the 24th patch seeing as that is when alot of the big changes came. The patch notes for the 24 also said new taunts/skins but that could literally mean just new ones for Alani.

Alani will be released on the 31st.Not sure if there will be any patching. Hmm I’ve been wording these posts really weird, sorry! that’s what I get for multitasking.

But the new skins and taunts with the last patch definitely only meant Alani skins, it was corrected by Gearbox

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Well damn. Guess I’ll start saving up my credits again so I can blow them all come the 31st. Thanks for the information =D