New Skins discovered

The Customization system for this game is bugged, seriously bugged. Started up BL"TPS for the first time on PC, got into Concordia, and found these two skins waiting for me in the customization station.

I went back to the old forums and neither of these skins are listed there or in the Google Doc list. If anyone has any idea where these skins come from, I’d really like to know.

They randomly added skins like those to every character in a patch a little while ago.

That’s nice and all, but it defeats the attempt to create a list of where the skins can be obtained from, IE are they found randomly in Vending Machines or are they rewards for completing quests or challenges.

The other side of it is that I get the impression that this patch you mentioned is the reason why my Doppelganger is missing both of his Vault Skins, and my Baroness is missing one of her Vault Skins.

I’m trying to look at the positive side of this, but considering that two of my characters (both are the DLC classes) are missing skins they ought to have from the outset, is pretty frustrating.

PS: Are the images I posted sized correctly? I recall there were some issues on the old forums concerning image sizes.

Hooray! i now have a perfect skin to put on the build i have named “Captain 'Murica”. its basically all the nukes and wrath of the goddess.

When you get the skin, let me know what quest/challenge you get it from.

Cool thing about the Discourse platform is it auto-resizes pictures. So people dont have to worry about the mods poking them about posting pictures that are too large. :smile_cat:

what i’m saying is that it’s NOT a drop. they were just added to everyone’s inventory. now some people seem to have issues with the skins getting added to some characters and not others, but in general everyone just turned the game on and had theses skins in their inventory. there is no drop. and as for your skins missing, I haven’t heard of that happening but I would file a bug report with them. They may or may not be aware of that problem.

It seems like the skins were automatically unlocked for everyone, so there’s no source besides GBX giving them to us.

Yea, I’ll probably do that.