“New“ Skins Questions

I have seen some of these new skins since day one, the bots have used them.
So have they been rare free skins out of loot chests?
If so are they still in the drop table ore have they been removed to squeeze some more mony out of the stuff that was ready since day one?
Or was it planed from the beginning to unlock them with micro transactions even if think we have been told otherwise?

I would really like to hear if anyone got one of these before or after the release from the faction loot boxes
and I think it would have been totally ok to add new stuff for money but most of these are 100% old skins and that’s so low only EA did something like that before.

The skins and taunts were ready. The marketplace was not. So the skins and taunts were held back until the marketplace was ready. This is what I understand anyway.


It was planned to sell them since the beginning, and they were only available to see via bots, which was a mistake on Gearbox’s part and later taken out. They were never obtainable without paying.

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I know these skins could be seen in the Early Access, which was an in-house version of the game that was handed out to press/streamers/youtubers. The Tier 2 skins were locked out of the game but due to a bug Bots could still access them. This issue was fixed later on, but screenshots were already on the interwebs.

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