New Slaughter Idea

Had a new idea to help offset the hardest boss to beat in the game right now, load times. Load times for farming take you out of gameplay so you eventually lose the will to actually play. The bosses are constantly dead in seconds to minutes, a minute to check loot, and back to loading screens. I had the idea to make Slaughter Arena, a slaughter area with a large circular arena with one level, a small platform in the center, various cover areas, and in this space you would fight rounds of various bosses in game. Waves of enemies would be replaced with rare spawns, all waves end with a boss spawning, all rounds end with a large boss (gravewarden or slaughterstar bosses.) This would add a better end game area and you would be able to farm all bosses. If you want to farm a specific enemy you can go to their spawn area or pay eridum to fill the waves with them. Thoughts?