*New* Small_Bear's Pay-It-Forward Shop

Hi all!

Long story short, I love this game and farm for fun.
Opening this thread to get rid of the stuff I’ve accumulated, some of it is kinda unique others are …other.

If you need something from the list don’t hesitate to ask, if it’s still listed I still got it.

Looking for 1 thing in return for this stuff…kindness to your fellow Vault Hunters out there! See someone struggling, return the favor, pay it forward.

All items are sorted by manufacturer and type, in no specific order (Torgue lyyyfe 4ever!)

Will take screenshots of any item upon request.
Also, try to ask for multiple things! I literally want to get rid of everything so anything you need or want pls take it…now…with your backpack…

Thanks for reading and happy hunting superfans!

PSA: Please leave your PSN in your request so I know to add you!! It helps me a bunch thank you!!


Wanted to use some space to give some shoutouts to Zaveyy, SkeItonator and Sir_Xirek2016 for their efforts to stock this shop to its fullest!! Received some of these awesome lootations from these 3 gentlemans, much appreciated guys!

Had to get some more space in here to thank BokosGaming, XERO_SK1LLS and their whole crew for supplying the shop with more exotic lootations! Be sure to check their stuff out as well in the forums, great group of people thanks again for everything guys!!!

I never ask for anything in return for the items I give on this thread BUT I cant help but feel the need to request some items for the people mentioned above because honestly they helped me out so much with stocking up this shop I feel the need to give something in return 100 times over!! Below I included a special list of items they are looking for, if you happen to come accross any of them I’m sure they would be willing to trade whatever you may need for them so just give them a holler and thank you guys and gals in advance your kindness is what matters the most here!!
Happy Hunting out there Superfans!!!

Special Request List

Assault Rifles:
(Annointed) Lucian Calls 100% - Corrosive
(Annointed) Lucian Calls Phaseslam - Corrosive/Cryo
(Annointed) Rowan Calls 100% - Rad

(Annointed) Crossroad in Phaseslam Cryo
(Annointed) Crossroad in Phasecast Fire
(Annointed) Cutsman in Phaseslam Rad/Cryo
(Annointed) Cutsman in Phasecast Rad/Cryo

Lyuda - (All Variants / All Annointments)

Mirv Tact Rad (Annointed)
Mirv Tact Cryo (Annointed)

End of Special Request List

Request Anything You Need!

------------------------------ Pistols -----------------------------

Venemous Hornet (A) (25% crit)
Puncing Night Flyer
Omniloader (awesome blue pistol)

The Duc (A) (Magazine)
King’s Call (fire) (A) (Cast)
King’s Call (fire) (A) (Magazine)
Queen’s Call (radiation) (slam) (x2)
The Companion (A) (Amara Grasp)
Trick Unforgiven (A) (25% crit) (x2)
Dastardly Maggie (x2)
Trick Unforgiven (x2)
The Flood (A) (Amara Slam)
The Duc (x2)
The Flood (x2)

Compressing Superball (A) (Projectile Speed)
Dangerous Superball (A) (FL4K Rakk)
Unescapable Sellout

Double-Penetrating Gratifying Roisen’s Thorns (A) (Lifesteal)
Gratifying Echo (A) (Zane Barrier)
Oozing Devil’s Foursum (A) (Lifesteal)
Stimulating Echo (A) (75% dmg)
Gratifying Breeder (A) (Magazine)
Packin’ Devastator (A) (FL4K Attack Comm)

Molten Infinity (A) (20% radiation)
Molten Infinity
Negating Infinity
Infinity (x3)
Ruthless Infinity
Swift Infinity

------------------------------ SMGs --------------------------------

Arctic Reflexive Night Hawkin (A) (125% dmg)
Searing Ripper (A) (Amara Cast)
Adapting Trained Hellfire (fire)
Arctic Reflexive Night Hawkin (cryo) (x2)
Precise Sleeping Giant (A) (fire speed, reload)
Sleeping Giant (A) (FL4K Rakk)
Dauntless Sleeping Giant (A) (Amara Cast)

Auditing Crossroad (A) (125% dmg)
Undermining Crossroad (A) (100% dmg)
Undermining Crossroad (A) (Amara Cast)
Hostile Crossroad (A) (125% dmg) (x2)

Expert Devoted (A) (75% dmg)
Binary Sublime Cutsman (shock) (A) (125% dmg)
Binary Sublime Cutsman (corr) (A) (Amara Cast)
Binary Mocking Cutsman (A) (Amara Slam)
Stark Destructo Spinner

Firesale Long Musket ++ (A) (Zane Clone)
Firesale Long Musket ++
Turbo Ten Gallon

-------------------------- Assault Rifles -------------------------

Hawt Dayumned Sawbar (A) (Magazine)
Hawt Pain is Power (A) (FL4K Rakk)

Breath of the Dying (A) (Amara Slam)

Rowan’s Call (fire) (A) (Accuracy&Handling)
Rowan’s Call (shock) (A) (Amara Cast)
Gatlin’ Gatling Gun (A) (Magazine)
Rowan’s Call (fire) (x2)
Rowan’s Call (radiation)

Oozing Gratifying Laser-Sploder (A) (FL4K Gamma)
Oozing Gratifying Laser-Sploder (A) (Amara Cast)
Burning Gratifying Laser-Sploder (x2) (Different Zooms)
Double-Penetrating Pneumatic Laser-Sploder (shock)
Double-Penetrating Pneumatic Laser-Sploder (fire)
Double-Penetrating Pneumatic Laser-Sploder (cryo)
Itchy Gratifying Laser-Sploder (radiation)
Shrinking Gratifying Laser-Sploder (cryo)
Stimulating Gratifying Laser-Sploder (shock)
Double-Penetrating Pneumatic Laser-Sploder (corrosive)
Burning Gratifying Laser-Sploder (fire) (x2)
Double-Penetrating Shredded Laser-Sploder (fire)
Double-Penetrating Shredded Laser-Sploder
Cocky Bearcat

Lucian’s Call (cryo) (A) (Amara Cast)
Lucian’s Call (fire) (A) (Amara Slam)
Engulfing Shredifier (x2)
Engulfing Shredifier (fire) (A) (Amara Slam)
Engulfing Shredifier (fire)
Engulfing Super Shredifier

--------------------------- Shotguns -----------------------------

Redundant Brainstormer (A) (100% dmg)
Cash-Infused Brainstormer (A) (Zane Barrier)
Auditing the Butcher (cryo) (A) (Magazine) (x2)
Deep Dive Face-puncher (A) (melee)
Redundant Face-puncher (A) (75% dmg)
Subsidized the Butcher (A) (FL4K Gamma)
Deep Dive Face-puncher (A) (Moze Bear)
Holistic The Butcher (A) (Amara Cast)
Influential The Butcher (A) (Amara Slam)
Defrauding Conference Call (A) (FL4K Gamma)
Cash-Infused Conference Call (A) (Magazine)
Conference Call (A) (Amara Slam)
Undermining Conference Call (A) (25% crit)

The Garcia (A) (fire rate&reload speed)
Cool headed T.K’s Shockwave (A) (125% dmg)
Iron-Willed The Tidal Wave (A) (Melee)
Iron-Willed The Tidal Wave (A) (FL4K Bear)
One Pump Chump (A) (Magazine)
Speedloadin’ Hellwalker (A) (75% dmg)
One Pump Chump (x3)

Expert Kill-o’-the-Wisp (A) (100% dmg)

Premium Rad Polybius (A) (Lifesteal)
Premium Supercharged Polybuis (A) (FL4K Fade)

Burning Flakker (A) (125% dmg)
Double-Penetrating The Boring Gun (A) (FL4K Rakk)
Double-Penetrating The Boring Gun (A) (Moze Bear)
Flakker (A) (Projectile Speed)
Flakker (A) (Amara Grasp)

------------------------------ Snipers -----------------------------

Trick Headsplosion (A) (Lifesteal)

Expert ASMD (A) (100% dmg)
Sublime Storm (A) (125% dmg)
Compressing Firestorm
Expert Firestorm
Sublime Firestorm

Annexed Vicious Lyuda (A) (magazine)
Vicious Lyuda (A) (Zane)
Annexed Resolute Lyuda (A) (Amara Grasp)

----------------------------- Heavys ------------------------------

WE GOT HEAVY ARTILLERY VAULT HUNTERS! --> thank you Elitered, SkeItonator and psDrEw66 for supplying these juicy lootations!

Ruby’s Wrath (A) (FL4K Attack command)

Shredded Scourge
Hive (corr)

Nuclear Jericho

------------------------ Grenade Mods --------------------------

Cloning Hex (cryo/shock)
Hex (radiation)

Dilluvian Firestorm
Singularity Firestorm
Generator Tran-fusion Longbow
Tran-fusion Longbow

Cloning Hunter-Seeker
Generator Tran-fusion Frag Grenade
Storm Front

Tina’s Hippity Hopper

Dilluvian Firestorm

------------------------------ Shields -----------------------------

High Caliber Warrant Officer Shield (A) (30% dmg)
Resonant Back Ham (A) (FL4K Fade)
Resonant Backham (A) (Skill CD)
Roid Rough Rider (A) (melee)
Rough Rider (A) (Amara Slam)
Combat Ready Wisky Tango Foxtrot
Metabolizing Nova Berner
Scavenging Nova Berner
Steady-Hand Nova Berner
Warrant Officer Nova Berner
Adrenaline Rough Rider
Resonant Back Ham
Performance Enhanced Rough Rider
Rough Rider
Adrenaline Rough Rider
Combat Ready Red Card

Brawler Ward (A) (FL4K attack comm)
Hotfoot Rectifier (A) (FL4K Rakk)
Big Pharma Re Charger (A) (Amara Slam)
Pachyderm Front Loader (A) (FL4K Fade)
The Transformer (A) (30% dmg)
Aegis Rectifier
Contingency Re-Charger
Enriched Rectifier
Roid Ward
Contingency Re Charger

Demo Expert Big Boom Blaster (A) (5% regen)
Riposte Impaler (A) (Zane Clone)
Riposte Impaler (A) (20% action skill)
Zip Drive Big Boom Blaster (Zane STNL)

--------------------------- Class Mods---------------------------

Bifurcated Friendly Friend-Bot
Collector Cosmic Stalker
Feral Prideful Rakk Commander (x2)
Feral Prideful Red Fang
Frothing Prideful Rakk Commander
Frothing Red Fang
Lupine Clawing DE4DEYE
Man-Eater Bounty Hunter
Pronghorn Clawing DE4DEYE
Rabid Bounty Hunter
Teething Prideful Rakk Commander
Venator Man-Eater Bounter Hunter

Entranced Primeval Phasezerker
Imbued Tinderbox Elementalist
Primordial Meditative Phasezerker
Rope-a-Dope Solitary Breaker
Thunderous Nimbus
TEMP Spectral Phasezerker

Bangin’ Bear Trapper
Blood-Sucking Charitable Blast Master
Desperate Enhanced Bloodletter
Hazy Molly Rocketeer
Megaton Molly Rocketeer
Sanctified Circulating Blast Master
Smoking Calorie Burning Rocketeer
Thermobaric Kiloton Mind Sweeper

Antihero Prepped Techspert
Bashing Shockwave Infiltrator
Express Resourceful Shockerator
Express Shockerator
Lucky Unsporting Executor
Preemptive Scattered Cold Warrior
Shady Sonic Boom Infiltrator
Spirited Sonic Boom Infiltrator
Unlikely Prepped Techspert

----------------------------- Artifacs ------------------------------

Berzerker White Elephant
Couterizing Deathless
Couterizing Otto Idol
Contaminated Elemental Projector (purple)
Cryo Stone Otto Idol
Cryo Stone Splatter Gun
Electric Slide Deathless
Elemental Projector Deathless
Elemental Projector Otto Idol
Elemental Projector Safeguard
Elemental Projector Victory Rush
Fire Stone Deathless
Fire Stone Loaded Dice
Grave (x3)
Ice Breaker Deathless
Ice Breaker Victory Rush
Knife Drain Otto Idol
Last Stand Otto Idol
Last Stand Pullout Method
Last Stand White Elephant
Loot Expanding Deathless
Loot Expanding Static Charge
Radiation Stone Pullout Method
Rear Ender Otto Idol
Shock Stone Otto Idol
Snowdrift Deathless
Snowdrift Victory Rush
Unleash The Dragon
Vigorous Snowdrift
Last Stand Static Charge
Cryo Stone Otto Idol

---------------------- New Cosmetics! -----------------------

Yes Vault Hunters! We now carry cosmetics in shop!! Big thanks to SkeItonator and Sir_Xirek2016 for helping make this happen!!!

Let me know what you guys think about the layout always looking for feedback! Thanks!!

Room Decorations:
Trooper Dice

Echo Skins:
Birthday Dawg

Weapon Skins:
It’s Poop!
Ink and Kill

Weapon Trinkets:
Hunter’s Patch
Just In Case
Siren’s Mark

Amara Cosmetics:
Starry Eyed

Moze Cosmetics:
Bull Mozer
Toxic Behavior

Zane Cosmetics:

FL4K Cosmetics:
Sure, Why Not?


Hey I just got to 50 not too long ago and I’m a Siren class. I was wondering what would you recommend for my class so I know what to look for? I saw you have The Duc and heard that and the Double Pen Thorn is good. I was wondering if those are okay for grabs and what do you recommend?

Honestly I’m just starting up my siren havent even made it to level 20 yet =( but I did check out some builds from what I see I like the Phasezerker mod with Binary Cutsman, Duc, and Double Pen Torgue Stuff. I guess it all just depends on how you’re building her tho I’m no expert by far haha

I just power leveled my Zane so i don’t really have anything for his class. if yu have any good class mods i would be interested…it seems like everyone is looking for the inflitrators

Haha no worries. I’ve been running a hellcat build but I heard your build is really good but I don’t have the right weapons to run it yet. If you have anything that can help out it’ll definitely be appreciated and if I can hunt anything in particular for you, I’ll definitely send it your way.

The burning flakker and double penetrating laaser sploder I have been trying to get forever

WiLLisGaming on YouTube has a pretty cool guide I’m using for my Amara when shes 50, title is “Borderlands 3 - Best Amara Build Highest DPS”

Gonna send some your way right now man!

Can send them your way! Psn?

I’ll look into it for sure. I guess I’ll start off by getting The Duc and then the double pen! If you have spare ones that would help a lot! Hopefully I can find the class mod soon!

For sure I’ll also send you the class mod I have for her incase you need! Shoot me over your psn

Psn: DP_UnkemptHarold

Would love the annointed flakker if it’s neutral or Amara other wise regular is fine. And last question are any of your moar linage fire with +120% melee boost? And is there any specific things you want so I can see if I have it

I’ll give you just about anything for that Embrace the Pain

Awesome thank you! It’s LordKonti15

You’ll probably have to send via mail since I’m gonna be home in like 2 hours haha. Is that okay?

Got 2 your choices

For sure sent you a friend request once you accept I’ll send em over for ya

Psn? And not looking for anything in return =)

Awesome! Just added you!

You were looking at that Otto on my store. Will send it anyway. Trying to clear stuff out a bit lol
Psn rei2k