New "Special Effect" guns from upcoming DLC revealed!

(Backdraft Guru) #1

From Facebook:

Still no legendary Maliwan laser :(. Anyway looking forward to this :).

(Creative Instinct) #2

Every single one of these sounds and looks awesome and I want it. The 16th is further away than one would think… They seem so big in number though, I doubt we’ll get new bosses or quests for every single gun. How do you think we will acquire them?

(AKA Scruffy the Janitor) #3

E-tech assault rifle, huh? Interesting…

(Backdraft Guru) #4

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.

(Where's lucky?) #5

I’m curious what the red text abilities will be, mostly with the sniper, there hasn’t been a sniper in this game I love yet and I love sniping.

(AKA Scruffy the Janitor) #6

There is a unique sniper in the files of the game called “The Machine”, so if the Plunkett doesn’t tickle your fancy, that one might.

(Where's lucky?) #7

Yeah I’m hoping that one gets released, but I’m a one shot one kill guy, vladof doesn’t really fill that.

(AKA Scruffy the Janitor) #8

Yeah, Jakobs does fit that bill, however I heard that the special effect of The Machine is the longer you hold the trigger, the more powerful it becomes and it has a mag size of over 30 rounds. Definitely something to watch out for.

(Where's lucky?) #9

Yeah I’m quite familiar with it but again holding down the trigger is not sniping to me. Pimpernel, longbow, and elephant gun were 3 of my favorite snipers in bl2.

(Really, really, ridiculously good-looking) #10

No love for Razorback?

(Impala) #11

It’s a bit of a bummer that Torgue, Maliwan, and Dahl got nothing, and Tediore got two.
Hopefully the special effects will be useful. I’m curious for the Jakobs sniper rifle the most. I hope it’s better than a muckamuck. And the Hyperion pistol, I doubt it’ll be better than another one we’ll get in the future, preferably sooner rather than later. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Wolf and Saint) #12

Those look awesome … can’t wait to use some of those :heart_eyes:

(Meat Bicycle Slowly Reverting Back To Axton) #13

Which one are you referring to there, there are two in the game’s files that people are looking forward to. :wink:


I only felt like I was sniping when I was using a Jakobs. So I’m really excited to get my hands on the Plunkett.

(Where's lucky?) #15

I think the blade as a locked acc kinda pisses me off too much

(Impala) #16

Any new class mods? I’m curious to see what they boost.

(N00bzilla1) #17

Cryo locked E-tech AR? CRY(o) baby?

Maybe some kind of stun or laser on the T4s-r= Taser?

(The Bonerfart) #18

Dat jakobs… drool

Wonder how big it is and how much variety the dome will have…

And I actually love the new cap of 60
69 and 72 just aren’t symmetrical enough

(TheGuyvatzian) #19

This looks really awesome! Can’t wait to see what these babies do :smiley:

(Where's lucky?) #20