New "Special Effect" guns from upcoming DLC revealed!

From Facebook:

Still no legendary Maliwan laser :(. Anyway looking forward to this :).


Every single one of these sounds and looks awesome and I want it. The 16th is further away than one would think… They seem so big in number though, I doubt we’ll get new bosses or quests for every single gun. How do you think we will acquire them?

E-tech assault rifle, huh? Interesting…

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.

I’m curious what the red text abilities will be, mostly with the sniper, there hasn’t been a sniper in this game I love yet and I love sniping.

There is a unique sniper in the files of the game called “The Machine”, so if the Plunkett doesn’t tickle your fancy, that one might.

Yeah I’m hoping that one gets released, but I’m a one shot one kill guy, vladof doesn’t really fill that.

Yeah, Jakobs does fit that bill, however I heard that the special effect of The Machine is the longer you hold the trigger, the more powerful it becomes and it has a mag size of over 30 rounds. Definitely something to watch out for.

Yeah I’m quite familiar with it but again holding down the trigger is not sniping to me. Pimpernel, longbow, and elephant gun were 3 of my favorite snipers in bl2.

No love for Razorback?

It’s a bit of a bummer that Torgue, Maliwan, and Dahl got nothing, and Tediore got two.
Hopefully the special effects will be useful. I’m curious for the Jakobs sniper rifle the most. I hope it’s better than a muckamuck. And the Hyperion pistol, I doubt it’ll be better than another one we’ll get in the future, preferably sooner rather than later. :stuck_out_tongue:

Those look awesome … can’t wait to use some of those :heart_eyes:

Which one are you referring to there, there are two in the game’s files that people are looking forward to. :wink:

I only felt like I was sniping when I was using a Jakobs. So I’m really excited to get my hands on the Plunkett.

I think the blade as a locked acc kinda pisses me off too much

Any new class mods? I’m curious to see what they boost.

Cryo locked E-tech AR? CRY(o) baby?

Maybe some kind of stun or laser on the T4s-r= Taser?

Dat jakobs… drool

Wonder how big it is and how much variety the dome will have…

And I actually love the new cap of 60
69 and 72 just aren’t symmetrical enough

This looks really awesome! Can’t wait to see what these babies do :smiley: