NEW Stock [1.23.20 Update] Lots of New Items

Please PM for trades. Easier to manage.

Please send all trades to
GT:LB Korpse

I may send items out from my alt account.

Updated Weapons List**
Working on Class Mods and Artifacts

I got Lucky 7 ASE 100 I’ll trade for the recursion shock/cryo ASE 100

Sounds good to me. I’ll have it ready for you when I get up tomorrow.

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No worries, what’s your gamertag I’ll send in an hour or so.

I have a 50% cryo ASE front loader. I am interested in your duc.

GT: LB Korpse

Sounds good. I’ll have it ready in the morning!

Alright, I’ll send you now. my gt is
: maxfabiano

Not shure if i whould call this a god roll
But i have a stackbot with:
+2f+f, +2pack tactics, +1hunters eye
25%weapon dmg
31%pistol dmg
32%weapon acc.


Sorry man I was asleep when you posted this, I’ll send after work. My GT is Stray2615.

All good :ok_hand:
I’m logging in to send items now

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Awesome, I’m in Australia so I’ll be like 10 hours till I’m online


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That will be my tomorrow again. SMH lol

Item sent

Updated Requests and more trades.

I might have brainstormer with sntnl, I’ll check when I’m home. If so I’ll trade for your ASE brainstormer. I def have Zane one but not sure if sntnl or clone and also not sure if redundant prefix

For sure let me know

It’s the right combo, sent with the lucky 7.