NEW Stock [1.23.20 Update] Lots of New Items

Thanks. I’ll send the Brainstormer over first thing tomorrow. :+1:

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Easy done cheers

Thank you. Today I will calmly check if I have any of the other items you need.

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I have the Dastardly Maggie with 50% SNTNL and Dictator Rad with 50% SNTNL

Yee buddy. Spot anything you need so I can get it ready to send?

Just the Nukem 125% splash damage

Sounds good should have it ready in the next hour or 2. I think I still got you on my friends list.

I’ll send it in the mail :+1:

Nice one, I’ll send it later tonight

Interested in your ASE 100% abundant recursion if you still have a spare? No chance you also have a shock/corrosive one? haha. GT duckl0rde

To trade I have lvl 1 infinity, transformer with shock, cryo and corrosive ASE 50%, cryo recurring hex with shock ASE 50%, shock & corrosive cutsman ASE 125%, fire cutsman with ASE 100%, also think my snowdrift deathless is pretty good rolls if interested maybe one or two other good artifacts as well.

If you’re interested in a big trade… as well as the recursion I’d love the ASE 100% redundant brainstormer, longbow & epicentre grenade thrown ASE 25%, injected red chord with SNTNL +15%, good rolls on ele projector victory rush, otto idol & splatter gun.

Nukem 125% splash damage Sent

Brainstormer sent. Cheers!

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That’s the only Recursion I have at the moment but I’m down for a everything you listed here for me. I will check out my artifacts shortly. Will you be online anytime soon?

Hi, what kind of perks are you looking for with the Seein’ Dead mod? I haven’t found one with +5 Donnybrook but given how frequently they drop I can keep an eye out for one.

Hey sorry was at work. Online now.

Sent you the Maggie and a bonus Ino cannon :+1:

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Added new Weapons, Grenades, Shields and added an artifact page. Take a look!

Would love to find one with Weapon Damage / Heavy Weapon / Weapon Charge Speed

Added new requests to the first tab of my spreadsheet.

I would like that Radiation Redistributer SNTNL 50% Cryo. I can give a Lvl 1 Stop Gap.
gt: bitmelter

Yup. Sounds good. I’ll mail it over in a couple hours.

GT: LB Korpse