New Story Missions = New Locations?

Thinking about how each story begins showing where we are going in the Solus system, do you think we’ll be getting new worlds in the story missions? I thought it would be cool if Alani came with a mission to take back her world, so we get to fight on a fully corrupted Varelsi planet. What other ideas do you guys and gals have?

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I believe we’re supposed to see new levels in the rogue asteroids and the llc fleet

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As @jjand302 said, first comes the LLC fleet & Dendritus ring. I´m already eager for some shardjumping on roquefilled spacerocks! :smiley:
Who knows what´ll come in the next big DLC after that. Maybe the story evolves into “re-igniting” the stars which were converted/perverted by the Varelsi so we could see other planets. Like Planet Mike or Alpia, Montanas homeworld^^

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I’d like to see GBX expand upon the current story by either adding in in-between chapters stuff, or what happens to Rendain after he’s been banished into the void. Mainly I hope GBX doesn’t copy/paste from the existing areas.


Ooo some stuff on some spaceships would be cool, landing pod entry, running battle to the engine room to disable something, grand finale on the bridge with a full on space battle going on in the background, definite potential for epicness.