New stuff! LOOT

Hey guys .

Got some new goodies See pictures below.
I’m looking for:

Infinity pistols ,
Shock or corrosive with extra projectile chance

Lucians call with extra projectile chance
Prefer no or low Zoom scope

Re router with dmg reduction while terrified
Re router with ammo Regen
Transformer with health Regen
Skeksils with extra projectile chance
A flak class mod with heavy weapon dmg , charge speed and prefer weapon dmg doesn’t matter which class mod it is.
A god roll breaker class mod with +1 find your center
Melee dmg , asc , health regen or dmg reduction
Any good 5+ class mods
Any new weapons or class mods (maliwan dlc) with good anointments or rolls on it.

Send me a picture of what you got below or in a private message ,

Thanks in advance



Updated !!

You did good fam, you did good.

What you want for the Duc? I think I have a transformer with health regen

I have moonshot and the new torgue cryo shotgun (blanking on the name) if ur interested. Really interested in ur redunant face puncher and a few more

I’ll take the transformer for the duc :+1:

Can you show me ? Or send me in a private message . Curious about your items

my moonfire is corrosive and my tigg is cryo tho. Not home rn

Oké looks good are they anointed ?

Unfortunately no : (

My bad…lol

I have the new Maliwan SMG Kyb’s Worth that can switch between Shock and Corrosive. It has the 100% Weapon Damage on Action Skill End. I also have 2 Transformers, 1 with health regen and one with 25% health regen on Action Skill End. I would like the new flak class mod.

Yeah I’m interested in that new smg for sure :+1: you can add me mrbs87 I’m on right now

I added you. my tag is swizzxhaze

Not interested?

I’m looking for anointed stuff so sorry I’ll pass on those . Got anything else ?

Have a cutpurse loaded dice with luck, health regen
Lvl 1 stopgap with 10% hp
Am interested in cor projectile butcher

Yeah definitely interested in those