New survivor idea | Lunar cyborg

Name : Lunar cyborg

Description : Sufficiently tough and agile survivor, equipped with a particular weapon, making him versatile from practically any distance.

Hp : 110 (+33/lv)
Hp regen : 1.0 (+0.2/lv)
Damage : 12 (+2.4/lv)
Armor : 12
Speed : 7.0 m/s

Passive : Lunar shield
Description : Lunar Cyborg possesses a personal shield equivalent to 30% of his maximum HP, and is able to regenerate shields with any life steal effect.

Primary fire : ATG mk2.74
Description : Fires a barrage of 3 missiles that explode on impact dealing 170% damage within 3.4 meters, with a proc coefficient of 1.0. After each burst, there is a reload time of 1.4 seconds. Missiles automatically target the closest targets in your line of sight.

Secondary fire : Laser dot
Description : Switch between manual aiming mode and automatic aiming mode. In automatic aiming, the missiles are fired one after the other and lock onto the nearest enemies, while in manual aiming mode, the missiles are fired at the same time, and follow a linear trajectory.

Utility : Overload
Overload your movement systems, increasing your running speed by 65%, jumping height by 50%, and you get 2 additional jumps. The ability lasts 12 seconds and has a cooldown of 12 seconds.

Special : Shoulder turret
Fully regenerate your shields, and activate an automatic turret mounted on your shoulder. The turret will automatically hit enemies within 65 meters, firing projectiles that deal 65% damage, with a proc coefficient of 1.0 and a rate of fire of 8 rounds per second. 5% of the damage dealt by the turret will be converted into shields. Last for 11 seconda with a cooldown of 22 seconds.