New Takedown event mentioned on Twitter

I have no idea why they would do this as it’s timed and ends the day after the level cap increase.

Basically none of the gear we get from it will be useful with the level cap increase in 2 days but ummm yeah. Am I missing something?

EDIT: In response to the blowback from the community, Gearbox has just extended the event to April 2nd per Twitter.

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so we only have one day to get the gear? alrighty then


Another farming event right before level increase, this time only 2 days before. Seems a bit pointless to me I guess. Looks like it gives us a whole 1 day to get lvl 57 loot though. I see a lot of people being annoyed here.



Thinking about editing title to “New (pointless) Takedown event mentioned on Twitter”


Gelboy is talking about only having one day to get the lvl 57 loot. Farming new loot between now and Thursday is a bit meh since it’s going to 57 then.


oh yea that makes sense…

thats duuuumb


Think they should’ve released the level cap today. Would’ve given us time to reach it by the time the DLC released, and it would make this event a bit more exciting.


Guess I will need to find someone to “farm” Wotan in single sesion on PC…

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Like seriously, WTF Gearbox.


what’s the point of this with the level cap coming?


At least make it till Sunday…

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Tweet says it’s till March 26th 9am, the story says March 27th 9am. Which is it?


Yeah, if it ends Thursday, then there’s no reason to farm the Takedown, unless there’s a significant chance to get the exclusive COMs. At least those can be useful even if underlevel. I’m still using my level 50 COM because it has +33% SMG and Shotgun damage. I have yet to find a level 53 with similar stats for my two primary weapons. And I’m still using my level 50 redistributor because I have not seen another cryo one. Maybe I’ll take a run or two and level up some alts along the way.

But it would have been nice to have a week to farm after the level increase. As it is, I’ll probably ignore the DLC and level up to 57 just so I can max level quest rewards. Ugg, why GB, why?

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What Cryo redi You’re looking for and what platform?

On the borderlands site announcement, I see this text as well:

So, it’s not just this one shot - there will be others once you have the higher level cap Thursday. That actually sounds like a reasonable compromise - those getting DLC2 will have the new items added there, and everyone gets a shot at new levelled gear through recurring mini events.


People talking about farming here lol this event is just for those who really wanna max out before the next patch.
I won’t take part in it tbh.
Just understand guys in April the real farm starts at the day Mayhem 2.0 starts all your gear and all your builds will be worthless.

In my case I will wait for Mayhem 2.0 because before that all my achievements will be pointless in a way that I am going to need to replay things because I need certain things not because I want them.
Look there is a difference finding a weapon that is useful in your first run and you can keep it for a while or being maxed out when the new level cap increase kicks in then maxing out again doing new builds and so on then Mayhem 2.0 drops and you do the thing all over again.

Yes, but this event is still a slightly bizarre decision. Why not make it a week long? (Or permanent :stuck_out_tongue: )

Maybe they’re trying different durations to see what works best? Bloody Harvest was very long, Broken Hearts just a week, Cartels will be 6 weeks (with on/off toggle) and variation for the final battle on repeat. Seems like GBX is taking an iterative approach to a lot of stuff in game.

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Point is the timing is especially relevant here. It ends right when (or just after) the new cap arrives.

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